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Can Vanity Numbers Improve Return on Investment?

One of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs experience in expanding their small business is limited capital. However, an easy way to overcome this challenge is to make the most of available resources. Along with online forums, vanity numbers provide entrepreneurs a cost effective way to improve their advertising ROI (Return on Investment). Although it is true that entrepreneurs have been using toll free number for years, very few of them are actually aware of the influence of vanity numbers on ROI.

Here are some of the ways through which business ROI can be improved by subscribing to a toll free number. And, use this online ROI calculator to measure expected results when you add a vanity number to your advertising strategy/campaigns.

1. Easy to Remember Numbers

Vanity numbers are customized phone numbers that consist of a 3-digit suffix (like 800) and an easy to remember prefix (usually the name of the organization). According to an estimate, these numbers increase consumer recalls by 84%. Thus, allowing business owners to expand their customer base

2. Promote your Company

As most entrepreneurs choose the name of their company as vanity number prefix, it automatically promotes their business among clients. Moreover, for new start-ups such numbers provide an easy and effective way to gain recognition in the corporate world.

3. Enter into Mainstream Business World

According to a survey, 90% of the authentic entrepreneurs in America rely on 800 vanity toll free numbers. Thus, by subscribing to a toll free number you can register your organization on the list of mainstream corporate firms. This will quickly give you the status of a reliable organization and help increase your client base.

4. Effective Advertisement

Statistical data shows that 90% of the ads depict toll free numbers for promoting an organization. This means that in the United States, subscribing to a toll free number is one of the most commonly used advertisement tactic. Even for online advertisement, toll free numbers receive more consumer attention than other contact numbers.

5. Free of Cost Calls

Toll free numbers are not only easy to remember, they also provide clients or consumers a free-of-cost way to contact organizations. Most consumers avoid contacting an organization via phone due to calling charges, but vanity numbers increase consumer traffic by billing the business for the call.

6. Monitor, Analyze and Plan

Usually vanity service providers also offer additional features like monitoring, tracking and analyzing. By monitoring the patter of incoming calls, entrepreneurs can predict their business growth. Moreover, call monitoring allows business owners identify the strategies and ventures which are beneficial for their business growth.

7. Learn from Consumers’ Reviews

Entrepreneurs who subscribe to vanity numbers can interact with consumers in a better way than those who don’t. Consumers can contact such organizations without any hesitation.

Features like call recording allow business owners use consumer feedback for outlining business plan. In this way they can understand consumers’ expectations and adopt strategies that would allow them to fulfill consumers’ demands.

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