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Top Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

If you own or manage a business, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for lead generation marketing tips. Trying to figure out how to generate more leads and how to maximize lead generation aren’t easy tasks, after all, especially in today’s changing, increasingly global marketplace. To make matters even more challenging, finding credible B2B lead generation marketing tips can be frustrating because reliable marketing authorities often cite different mediums as the most effective sources for qualified sales leads…. Read more » 

Phone Calls vs. Web Leads – Which Are More Valuable?

Marketers face a litany of tools to improve business performance, generate more leads, and grow their business.  Often though, they are not given good direction on how to incorporate all of those tools into their multi-channel strategy so that they work together to deliver optimal leads to their sales force.

Connecting with customers and building relationships is increasingly important in order for businesses to compete and survive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.  Connections can be made online through Twitter, Facebook, live chat and other social outlets, but live phone conversations are often more productive and a better way to build relationships with customers.  And so, encouraging customers to contact a business by phone, to have a live conversation, still plays an extremely important role in advertising strategies…. Read more »