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800 vs. 888 Toll-Free Numbers – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever asked, what’s the difference between toll-free 800 vs. 888 numbers, you’re not alone. The short answer is nothing. It’s been proven that American consumers equate toll-free numbers in advertising with established, credible businesses, regardless of the toll-free prefix. But over the years, the stock of toll-free 800 numbers has grown smaller, making 888 numbers the next best toll-free number option for businesses…. Read more » 

855 Numbers: Are They Toll Free?

Toll-free 855 numbers have been available since 2010. And since the 855 toll free prefix was released, businesses in every industry have activated 855 numbers for their advertising campaigns.

Vanity numbers also use the 855 prefixes, which tend to get more advertising response. However, when the new toll free code was released, there was some confusion about whether 855 numbers were toll free.

This is understandable. Often, new area code releases accommodate the growing population of residential and commercial businesses that need a toll-free business phone number. The simple answer is yes, 855 numbers are toll free…. Read more »