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Why TV Advertising Is Important For Your Business

Ad buyers are expected to spend up to $9 billion on TV advertising in 2017.  Surprised?  You might be if you’ve been hearing the common refrain of “TV advertising is dead”.  But the truth is that TV advertising is proven to have the highest ROI in terms of both sales and awareness.  In fact, a study from Neustar looked into a wide variety of industries over seven years and discovered that for every $1 million invested, TV advertising has a lift that is 7 times better than paid search and 5 times better than online display advertising…. Read more » 

Television Advertising Stands The Test of Time & Will Generate Leads

Like a street preacher warning others about the end of the world, marketers have been heralding the end times for television advertising for a while now, deeming it to be expensive and not targetable or measurable enough.  Not to mention the advancement of the internet age, which has seemingly pushed television to the background.  Just the mere knowledge that 1.1 million people cancelled their cable subscriptions in 2015 alone could be quite disheartening.  In fact, Saturday Night Live is planning to cut 30% of its TV ads and replace them with content produced by the show’s cast…. Read more » 

Web Companies Are Advertising More and More on TV

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, web brands have spent $959.5 million on television ads in the U.S. during the first eight months of 2013, up 2.6% from a year earlier. Companies like Trip Advisor and Zillow, who offer online services with no retail location and who do not drive inbound phone calls, are using advertising to reach their audiences. This is all despite Google and Yahoo, even Bing, who are trying to take over the advertising market with their online digital services…. Read more »