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Ad Blockers Negatively Impacting Online ROI?
Consider Traditional Media!

Have you been considering a switch from traditional media to only using online advertising? If so, you may want to re-think that digital-only strategy.

As the amount of advertising dollars predicted to be spent on online advertising in the future continues to grow, something else is on the rise: Ad Blockers. Online ad blockers are used by an estimated 70 million Americans (that’s 1 out of 4 people), and 45% of people who do not currently use ad blockers say they would be willing to install them. Ad blocking has been responsible for a loss of nearly 16 million advertising dollars in 2016. And with ad blocking forecasted to grow by double digits within the next couple of years, that lost revenue will only increase…. Read more » 

The Science of Print Advertising In Today’s Multi-Channel Ad Environment

Current marketing spheres have seen many (if not most) advertisers making some kind of transition from paper (newspaper, direct mail, etc.) to digital, foregoing glossy brochures and direct mail pieces for web content and email campaigns. This certainly is understandable, as the majority of consumers now get their information from devices like mobile phones and tablets. But while paper may never return to the prime advertising status it once enjoyed, it would be detrimental for businesses to eliminate it from their marketing altogether.  And science proves it, with studies showing print advertising having a significant advantage over digital in several key fields…. Read more » 

Vanity Numbers Help Build Brands

Remember when you were a kid and playing on the playground, and you’d try to make up the most ridiculous vanity “800” numbers you could think of?

“What’s your phone number, 1-800-DUM-FACE?”

“No, it’s 1-800-COOL-GUY!”…

Call Tracking Helps You Develop Better Ad Campaigns

It takes a lot to plan a marketing campaign.  Companies need to decide what their advertisements will look and sound like, which mediums they want to use, where and when they will run, how often and how long they will run, and so much more.  They know they need to grab people’s attention, intrigue them enough to want to call the company, and give them an easy call-to-action such as a memorable vanity number so they can do just that.  All these parts come together for more leads and more sales.  No wonder companies invest impressive amounts of money into their advertising campaigns…. Read more » 

Why Phone Leads Are the Most Important Leads for Businesses

If you’re a business owner, you probably spend money on marketing and advertising with the hope that you’ll do more than simply recoup your investment. Your goal is to make more money, after all, not to break even.

If your business is like many other companies, it’s likely that you spend money on print advertisements in publications such as your local newspaper to generate business leads. You might even pay for commercial spots on a local television or radio station to increase sales. You may use out of home advertisements like billboards to spread the word about your business as well. You probably also maintain a company website and use social media accounts to promote your business, or pay for online ads that target Internet surfers located close to your geographic location…. Read more » 

Is The 855 Prefix Really Toll Free

Toll-free 855 numbers have been out for several years, since 2010. In the past few years, since the 855 toll free prefix was released, many 855 numbers have been activated and put into use by businesses. You’ll often see them in advertising campaigns. When the new toll free code was released, there was some confusion as to whether these new 855 numbers were toll free.

This is understandable as there are often new area code releases to accommodate the growing population of residential and commercial entities that are opening every day, and are in need of a phone number. The simple is answer is that yes, 855 numbers are really toll free…. Read more » 

Newly Available Vanity 800 Numbers For Your Business or Clients

800response has the pleasure of announcing a few new vanity 800 numbers to our inventory.

These newly available vanity numbers can be activated in local and regional geographic territories across North America using advanced shared-use routing technology.

Contact us today to activate one of these numbers, or any of our vanity numbers, to start generating 25-50% more inbound phone calls, sales, and profits…. Read more » 

Winter Weather: Improve Return on Investment

If you are watching the news, you know winter weather is hitting and will continue to hit for several months. That means people will be needing help with furnaces, burst pipes, and similar services.

There are many companies who can fix furnaces, pipes, and help people out in the winter weather. However, if you are the person with pipes that have burst, do you want to have to look through the Internet for help? If the electricity is out, then that won’t work either.

Help people out this winter, and also improve return on your investment. Have a phone number that people can remember. When they are in the middle of a crisis caused by winter weather, they need a phone number that is easy to remember…. Read more » 

New Year’s: New Vanity Numbers

The New Year is coming and it would be great for January to include a boost to your business. So, why not make a New Year’s resolution for your business? Make a resolution to get and use vanity numbers to increase the phone traffic connected to your business?

Why should this be your #1 New Year’s resolution for your business?

Why do Americans say they use toll free numbers? Because they are easy to remember. Consumers report they associate numbers with products or businesses. Instead of having to remember a random phone number, the association moves the number from short term to long term memory…. Read more » 

Start 2014 Off Right; Get More Calls, Sales $ Profits With Vanity Numbers

As you’re gearing up for the change of year, as you’re settling in to develop new marketing and advertising strategies, using new creative materials, either keep using your unforgettable vanity 800 number, or get a vanity 800 number today.

With the customer experience buzz on the rise, making your customers’ lives easier, and driving them to call you more so you can build those important relationships, make sure they have an easy way to get in touch with your business…. Read more »