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Vanity 800 Numbers Give Companies Professional & Creative Edge

Standing out from the crowd is the key to success, and vanity 800 numbers are a simple but effective tools for giving your company a professional and creative edge over the competition. A wide variety of businesses from home improvement to health care, automotive to education, can benefit from the branding and customer attraction advantages of a vanity 800 number.

Increase business image

Using a customized vanity 800 number fortifies your business brand by including it right in your phone number. Instead of a meaningless string of numbers, your phone number can be a tool for increasing awareness about every aspect of your business, from what you do to how you do it. Your vanity 800 number can reflect your company’s dedication or playfulness. It can create a targeted message that reminds people why it is that they need to remember you…. Read more » 

Consider Vanity Numbers To Brand Your Business

You’re in your car driving down the highway. You’re out running errands, which strangely is one of your favorite activities of the week. It gives you a break from the busy atmosphere of your business and allows you to just get away with your thoughts for a little while. You’re listening to your favorite radio station. Suddenly, a commercial comes on for a product you’ve always wanted to try. You start looking for a place to pull over so you can quickly write down the phone number when they announce it. But, you’re on the highway. There’s no place to pull over. They say the phone number and you repeat it to yourself, willing yourself to remember it and write it down when you get to your destination…. Read more » 

Agency Wins Awards for 1-800-NEXT-STEP Campaign from 800response

 PHOENIX – The Arizona Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) has been honored for a public service campaign which prominently features its toll-free number, 1-800-NEXT-STEP.

The OPG, a division of the Arizona Department of Gaming, won two Bull’s-Eye Ad Awards in a nationwide competition sponsored by 800response, which recognizes strategic placement and integration of Custom 800 numbers in six categories. The OPG took First Place honors in two of those categories including, “Best Use of a Custom 800 Number in Print Advertising” and “Best Use of a Custom 800 Number in Integrated Advertising Campaigns.” The campaign consists of two thirty-second television spots and a series of print ads featured in gaming magazines and other publications around the state… Read more » 

800response Customers Win Advertising Awards for Use of Vanity Numbers!

Introduced in 2005, the Bull’s-Eye Ad Awards allows us to pay tribute to our customers and their agency partners for demonstrating advertising prowess in using vanity 800 numbers, the most effective response-generating method, to execute and track successful advertising campaigns. This was the 8th year of the Bull’s-Eye Ad Awards. Previous years’ winners include Window World locations, NextCare Urgent Care, CellPlus, Owens Corning, plus many other small, or local business across the country, including auto dealers, home improvement/remodeling companies, and other companies from various industries…. Read more » 

Expanded Inventory of Custom 800 Numbers

We recently expanded our inventory of powerful consumer response tools.  There are eight new Custom 800 numbers for you and your clients to feature in advertising campaigns:

Generate higher call volumes, more leads and more sales for your clients. Present them with one of these unique consumer response tools today!

Search our online directory for the best available vanity 800 numbers today for your clients’ campaigns in 2013!  Or contact us and an Account Manager will search our inventory for you!… Read more »