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Get the Right Vanity Number

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Toll Free Number

While the trend of using a toll free number for business is not new, a number of business owners and managers may not know how to choose the right number. Along with selecting a registered and reliable service provider, you should also keep in mind few considerations when subscribing to a custom toll free number.

Here is a quick look at some of the common blunders that businesses make and tips to avoid these mistakes:

1. Alpha-Numeric Numbers

The biggest advantage of a vanity number is it allows a business to select a purely alphabetical number, like 1-800-GOT-JUNK, for example. For obvious reasons, it is easier to remember a word than a combination of 10 digits. However, a number of businesses don’t make the most of this opportunity and choose alpha-numeric numbers. Not only it is it more difficult for consumers to remember these numbers, it also impacts the advertisement ROI. It is recommended to select a meaningful word or phrase as your vanity number, which represents your business and services your business provides.

2. “Q” or “Z” Numbers

Difficult words might impact consumers’ recall. Try to use commonly used words, with easy spellings. Words that include a “Q” or “Z” are sometimes hard to spell, and may be best to avoid.

3. 800 Vanity Numbers

A number of businesses may not know this, but choosing the right 3-digit toll-free prefix is very important. Vanity numbers stating with “800” are considered more credible and reliable as they’ve been around longer than 877 and 866. 800 numbers are used by established, credible business organizations. Moreover, according to business analysts, the percentage of missed calls on 800 numbers is less than other prefixes. People are more familiar with 800 prefix, and automatically dial that toll-free prefix over the 877, 866, etc., because they just automatically revert to that. Take it from us; we have several 800 toll-free lines that ring to our business, and often we receive mis-dials from people who meant to dial 866, 877, etc.

4. Selective Marketing

A common mistake that most businesses and start-ups make is that they use their toll free phone number selectively in marketing and advertising. However, using the same vanity number in every advertising campaign will give your business an appearance of longevity, wide range of reach, and make your advertising and marketing strategies cohesive. All of this leads to improved perception of your business by your customers.

5. Toll-free Service Provider

It is very important to choose a certified and reliable service provider. Most subscribers only concentrate on the features and packages and ignore more factors. Here is quick list at some of the things that you must keep in mind while selecting a toll free service provider:

  • The vendor must provide 24/7 technical support.
  • Make sure that the service provider is registered, or known as a Resp Org – a ‘responsible organization’ with the FCC.
  • Look for other services like call tracking analytics, call recording and monitoring tools.
  • View the official website of the service provider and have a look at customer reviews and case studies to make sure that the vendor provides quality services.
  • Last but not the least; determine your needs and goals before subscribing to a toll free service. This will help you select the additional services that suit your needs.

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