Benefits of Audio Mining | 800 Response

How Businesses Benefit from Audio Mining

Audio mining technology is continuing to improve and call centers can take advantage of this software to help the bottom line. Audio mining can provide direction for improving training for employees, identifying process improvement opportunities and consequently improving customer service.

What is Audio Mining?

Audio mining is software that is programed to review recorded phone calls to recognize specific words and phrases; for example words such as “bill”, “calling back”, “ask my supervisor” or “I don’t know”. Specific words and phrases can be identified in recorded conversations, and then categorized by the speech analytics technology into groups, such as “marketing”, “sales” or “customer service”.  Because it is a software program, a large amount of information that is contained within the recorded calls can be scanned and analyzed much faster than if a person were to manually listen to recorded calls in their entirety.

Companies that use audio mining take the resulting information and analyze what words and phrases are trending among their customers. This information can be used to identify a problem early and let the company resolve the problem faster. Audio mining can also identify areas where employees need to be trained so that they can provide better first call resolution.

Employee Training

When the phrase, “I don’t know” or “I need to ask about that” are popping up audio mining can identify what subjecs are being discussed at the time. This will allow a company to implement some additional training around specific needs. This may also identify areas where additional training for specific topics can be added to new hire training. Audio mining can also identify if training for a new process is effective. If that process pops up frequently then additional training can be provided immediately.

Process Improvement

Identifying additional training on a new process is only one way audio mining can help with process improvement. If a particular process suddenly starts coming up in a lot of phone calls then something about that process may need to be changed. For example if the words bill and overcharge suddenly start occuring the company can quickly review the most recent bills and identify the problem so it doesn’t happen again.

If the number of calls around a specific product rises there may be a problem with the product or some part of the process of prodiving the product to the customer.The content of the calls themselves will give direction in what needs to be changed so the product can be successful in the market.

Customer Service

Identifying a process that is broken and fixing it early will help improve customer satisfaction. Giving employees the right training will enable them to have a better first call resolution percentage. Both of these together will allow call center employees to answer calls faster and more effectively. This will improve customer service overall.

Audio mining is one way for a call center to gather specific information that can be used to help the company improve customer service and provide better products. For more information on audio mining contact an 800response CallFinder Specialist.