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How Speech Analytics Will Help Achieve 7 Business Goals

Challenges Faced by Businesses – There are several challenges that many businesses share in common, that then are translated into business goals. This series of articles covers seven of these business challenges and how call recording and speech analytics can provide critical insights and directly affect a business’ ability to measure success in achieving those goals, as well as areas that may need improvement.

The seven common challenges are:

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

2. Optimize Internal Processes and Cost Saving Opportunities

3. Collect Competitive and Market Intelligence

4. Measure Marketing Effectiveness

5. Mitigate Causes of Attrition

6. Build and Confirm Customer Data

7. Ensure Script Compliance


Let’s focus on improving the customer experience…

In today’s world, customer service is often the main differentiator between two competing companies. Monitoring the actual point of contact between a customer and an agent during a phone conversation proves to be challenging and time consuming if there is not automated monitoring technology in place.  A company cannot have happy customers without delivering quality service and having well-trained and knowledgeable agents.  The front line with customers is where a cost-effective speech analytics solution can help companies address customer service quality within their organizations, while simultaneously providing the data that is necessary to build better tools and training programs for their agents.

With recording and speech analytics working in real time to monitor calls for quality customer service and satisfaction, companies can:

  • Track positive or negative performance of agents.
  • Ensure agents are compliant while speaking with customers.
  • Optimize quality monitoring.
  • Identify agents or areas of process that need monitoring and further training.
  • Identify process issues and knowledge gaps in various business units.
  • Empower and engage agents with knowledge and training, and increase agent retention.

Increased agent knowledge and productivity will build a company’s service reputation, generate more sales and decrease costs.

To learn more on how call recording and audio mining can help your business improve customer satisfaction levels, contact us today.