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Improve Return On Investment Using the Phone

Recently, a Harvard Business Review site discussed the value of using a phone instead of relying on email. They stated:

“If you want to be innovative today, if you want to take a risk, if you want to exercise your courage, try calling someone with whom you have an issue to discuss…. Discover this remarkable device called the telephone. It will give you a serious competitive advantage.”

This competitive advantage comes in the form of satisfied customers; customers who receive answers right away, and customers who tell others how much they like your customer support. Customers who are not left guessing if you received their email or not.

The phone allows customers to call you and have authentic conversations without the misunderstandings that can happen in an email. Even if the customer is upset, the conversation can be more easily resolved via the phone. Customers will be satisfied and will not have days to be upset about not receiving an immediate email answer.

Resolving issues will, in turn, improve return on investment in your business. Just as not resolving issues will hurt your ROI.

However, the phone number your business uses must be easy to remember so that your customers have an unforgettable, immediate way to reach your business. If the phone number is forgettable, then customers will resort to the easy email, or online research to come across your competition, and that ROI improvement might be stalled. So, think about your business and how it is easily recognized. Think about using part of the business name in your phone number. Consider a number like 800-NEW-RIDE, 800-NEW-CAREER, or 800-GET-WINDOWS. Those are easy to remember! Now, just search for an appropriate list of vanity 800 number options for your business.

Still wondering how an 800 number could increase your ROI? Just contact us today and let us help you. Since we believe in talking over the possibilities, take a risk, call us at 800response.



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