Improve Your ROI with Call Recording Technology

Improve Return on Investment with Cutting Edge Call Recording Technology

How Can I Continually Improve Return on Investment for My Business?

This is a question being asked by any business owner or manager worth his/her salt. Fortunately, as technology improves so does the ability to accomplish this, especially technology concerning call centers.

The single biggest way that call center technology can improve the ROI for your business is with call recording, and it actually accomplishes this in three ways:

  1. Cost Avoidance – Recording calls is most likely the easiest way for a business owner or manager to ensure that his/her business is in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Avoiding the fines and penalties that are incurred with stepping out of bounds from these guidelines can be costly, and call recording can be a good way to make sure that this is a cost your business can avoid.
  2. Increase sales – With the proper call center technology, a business owner or manager should be able to “search” their calls through speech analytics for certain buzzwords. For example: if you are running a special sale or promotion, you could search your calls for a keyword related to that promotion to ensure that your sales representative is properly offering the promotion with every opportunity that arises.
  3. Customer Service – Perhaps the most tried and true measure for a call center to improve ROI. A business manager can search the recordings of a service representative’s customer contacts to ensure that they are providing the service level that is expected. In fact, businesses are now utilizing this in different ways; by allowing their representatives access to their own recordings and even to the recordings of their peers, which can provide additional viewpoints, critiques, and added ways of improving customer service for everybody.

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