Increase Response Rates Using Ear Worms? Yes!

Increase Response Rates Using Ear Worms? Yes!

Infect customers with ear worms? YES!

An Ear Worm (from the German phrase Ohrwurm) sticks in your head. It’s a portion of a jingle that keeps playing over and over and over and over. 98% of people experience ear worms and ear worms tend to last longer for women.

Jingles with ear worms are designed to wiggle itself into a person’s brain and stick there for years. The best jingles pop up from nowhere years later.

That is what you want. You want something memorable so that people cannot forget your business.

The trick is to combine the jingle with a Vanity number so you infect your customers or potential customers with ear worms that are completely unforgettable. The jingle can be music, or can just be a catchy set of words like a poem. That way they can’t forget your number and your company. Look at these examples of Ear Worms:

  • Eight oh oh, three two five, three five, three five – Sheraton Hotels
  • 1-800-JENNY20
  • 1-800-CALL-ATT
  • Eight hundred, nine one six, six one one two – Next Day Floors

So, do you have an ear worm for your business? Have you found that 800 number jingle that sets you apart from your competitors?

First step is to decide what you want people to know about your business – 15 seconds worth of information.

Second step is to decide if you want music and a jingle, or a catchy saying that would include and easily community a vanity 800 number.

Third step is to contact us and let us help you create an ear worm for your business so you can increase response rates.