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Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget with Radio Advertising!


With ad-free and digital radio becoming more and more popular, it may appear as though people are turning their backs (and ears) on traditional radio, which could impact how advertising plan their campaigns.

But according to a recent Nielsen study, an incredible 93% of adults in the United States still listen to traditional radio during the week, making it a prime marketing venue. And when compared to other traditional media, radio advertising costs less, takes less time to produce, and can be modified more easily, all of which makes it perfect for local companies that may be working with  more limited funds.

But creating a radio ad that will make people want to know more about a business takes some work.  Here are some tips for how to create radio content that will really resonate with listeners.

Be Intriguing and Memorable with Radio and Unforgettable Toll-free Phone Numbers

One of the biggest challenges in radio advertising is grabbing and holding people’s attention. It needs to get to the point, really hit the key message, and be unforgettable. Not an easy task when the average radio ad is only 30 seconds long.  And even then, there is no guarantee listeners will stay with the commercial for the full 30 seconds. So advertisers must be compelling and intriguing straight out of the gate.

Starting with questions can often help, asking things that may pique a listener’s interest such as, “Need something quick and easy for dinner?” or “Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend?” Once listeners are drawn in, advertisers can focus on the benefits of their products/services, and even mention what makes them better than their competitors.  Be sure to have concise sentences, avoiding extraneous and flowery language, so as not to sound rushed.

Finally, if nothing else, always feature a clear call to action at the end of the commercial, such as an easy to remember vanity number. This will help guarantee listeners will know how to contact a business, no matter when they decide to reach out.

Get Creative with Radio Advertising

Once a business has the basic script of its radio commercial, it can then add little touches to make it really stand out.  One of the great things about radio advertising is it doesn’t take a lot of money to have some truly great effects.

For instance, if a business wanted a lion in its TV commercial, it would have to spend money on finding and paying for a lion and (hopefully) its handler. But if a business wanted a lion for its radio commercial, all it needs to do is download a sound clip of a lion roaring. In fact, there are numerous websites with a wealth of sound effects for virtually every need.  Music can also be added to connect with viewers on emotional level. But be sure to pick the right kind of music for the right kind of ad (Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” probably wouldn’t be the ideal choice for promoting a tattoo parlor). When it comes to being creative with radio advertising, the possibilities are practically endless.

Accurate Targeting Of Your Audience

Another advantage of radio advertising is it provides the opportunity to be geared toward a specific listening audience. Companies can look at their key demographics, figure out which stations are most likely to be listened to by said demographics, and focus more of their advertising on those stations at specific times.

Say a business made a product that was very popular with teenagers – it would do well to find out which stations are most liked by teens (most likely pop and alternative stations) and buy ad space for when they are more apt to be listening, such as after school and weekends. Also, tools such as call tracking can help businesses precisely determine when their radio ads are getting the best responses and by whom, allowing them to more accurately and effectively strategize their campaigns.

Radio advertising provides a wealth of opportunities at the fraction of a cost compared to other media outlets, and with excellent returns. With a Nielsen study showing radio having an average ROI of $6 for every dollar spent on advertising, it comes as no surprise that $16 billion in radio ad revenue was reported for last year, and that companies intend to spend 4.1% of their advertising budget on radio in the future. So be sure not to tune radio out!