Fresh Inbound Leads With Vanity Numbers

New Year – Fresh Inbound Leads With Vanity 800 Numbers

The New Year is here and wouldn’t it be great to start increasing your inbound leads right off the bat in 2014?

Of course it would.

So make a New Year’s resolution to recommend and include a vanity 800 number in all of your ad campaigns.

Why should this be your #1 New Year’s resolution?

  • Vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates by up to 84%.
  • Over half of magazine ads contain a vanity number.
  • Almost ¾ of billboards that have a phone number use a vanity number.
  • Over half of consumers prefer to use a vanity number to call a business.
  • Consumers recognize “800” and “888” as free.

Why do magazine ads and billboards contain vanity numbers? Because people do not read every word on a magazine ad or every word on a billboard. When people scan the billboard and see a random phone number, their eyes will not move that number to short term memory – it is lost. But, if it is a vanity 800 number, the eye will see it while scanning and has a greater chance of remembering the phone number.

Why do people prefer dialing toll-free vanity 800 numbers? Because they are free. People want to talk to your clients about their products and services, and resolve customer service issues with taking on any cost. So, free entices them to contact your clients, and shows that they care.

With vanity 800 numbers, you will start seeing more inbound leads, making more sales and more profits.

Ready to fulfill your #1 New Year’s resolution and get a vanity number for your business?

Search our online directory of vanity 800 numbers by industry or keyword, or contact us and we’ll search for you.

Happy 2014!