Speech Analytics-Optimize the Process & Save Money

Optimize Process and Cost Savings with Speech Analytics

This week’s articles are continuing on the common challenges faced by businesses of all sizes and industries when it comes to capturing, analyzing and acting on customer and market data that is contained within customer conversations – or live phone conversations with customers.

As a reminder, the seven common challenges are:

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

2. Optimize Internal Processes and Cost Saving Opportunities

3. Collect Competitive and Market Intelligence
4. Measure Marketing Effectiveness
5. Mitigate Causes of Attrition
6. Build and Confirm Customer Data
7. Ensure Script Compliance

Today, we’ll focus on optimizing internal processes and cost saving opportunities…

Categorizing calls using speech analyticsto identify call type (based on search definitions and key phrases) will help a business improve efficiencies. High volume, long duration and repeat calls will give indications of where an organization may be able to reduce average call handling times, reduce the wrap-up time spent during a customer service conversation, and identify any causes for long duration calls that can be addressed to save agent time and the company money.  Having efficient processes in place to respond to certain calls, either with customer interaction and follow up, or by internal process change, will improve business operations overall, thereby reducing costs.

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Learn more about optimizing operations processes and saving money with speech analytics technology to identify market trends that your business can react to by speaking with us today, and take a tour of CallFinder’s cloud-based speech analytics solution.