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Vanity 800 numbers Make Good Sense

If you listen to the news and the Internet, you might think the Internet is the only marketing tool you need. After all, who has a land line anymore? Don’t people just surf the Internet and purchase or conduct business online? Isn’t a webpage enough?

Yes and no. Yes, you need a webpage since the number of people using the Internet to find information is daily increasing. You need a webpage to give key information to potential customers.

And no. Not only do you need a quality webpage, but you need a way for customers to contact you. You could rely on email, or Internet forms. However, those can be slow. That means you need a phone number…. Read more » 

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers: Generate Positive Perception

Toll free numbers achieve more than just a line of communication. Toll free numbers are extremely popular in small and large companies alike. The reason for their popularity is better understood once we try to figure out how they provide a dynamic push to various businesses. Toll free vanity numbers serve an incredibly deep-seated purpose for the business apart from providing a means of engagement for the customer and the business.

Toll free vanity numbers are there to stand out, but more than that, they have an aura of credibility and professionalism. They have high visibility and since they are free, consumers are more responsive towards inquiring about the services provided. Additionally, the old myth that they are best for radio and television marketing cannot be further from the truth today. Information is all around us, and apart from television and radio, toll free vanity numbers perform exceptionally well online. So their reach extends far beyond the traditional mediums…. Read more » 

Increase Response Rates Using Ear Worms? Yes!

Infect customers with ear worms? YES!

An Ear Worm (from the German phrase Ohrwurm) sticks in your head. It’s a portion of a jingle that keeps playing over and over and over and over. 98% of people experience ear worms and ear worms tend to last longer for women.

Jingles with ear worms are designed to wiggle itself into a person’s brain and stick there for years. The best jingles pop up from nowhere years later…. Read more » 

Choose A Vanity Number To Suit Your Business

Humans are competitive in nature, and this shows through when companies and businesses scramble to get the best vanity numbers for their businesses. Businesses compete for customers. To establish themselves in the memories of their prospective customers, it is important for them to have the most easily recognizable and distinguishable vanity number that will resonate with customers and help a business stand out from their competitors.

To pick a number that relays what a business is offering is of utmost importance. This way, customers can associate the phone number with what they’re looking for and make a simple connection in their memory. One cannot just pick a number and expect it to draw the same results…. Read more » 

Things to Consider when Choosing Vanity 800 Numbers for your Business

There’s no doubt that vanity 800 numbers can really help increase sales, because they make your number more memorable to your customers. As a result, people are more likely to call you than they are your competition. Choosing the right vanity number may sound easy, but there’s actually quite a few things you should think about before making your selection.

Ideally, your vanity number should tell something about your business rather than simply being the name of your company. The vanity number 1-800-FLOWERS is a good example of this. Customers are more likely to remember vanity numbers that describe products or services than they are ones that contain the name of a business. As a result, you may want to take out a pencil and paper and jot down a few words that describe your business in order to come up with a good vanity number…. Read more » 

Vanity Numbers- A Business Marketing Solution

Businesses have been using toll free phone numbers to promote themselves for many years. There is no denying the fact that technology has completely revived the traditional means of trade and commerce, and today most businesses rely on online marketing. Despite this overwhelming reliance on technology, many business owners still consider traditional advertising methods like television and radio as imperative to their advertising success, especially when coupled with vanity numbers as the best direct response tool…. Read more » 

Newly Available Vanity 800 Numbers For Your Business or Clients

800response has the pleasure of announcing a few new vanity 800 numbers to our inventory.

These newly available vanity numbers can be activated in local and regional geographic territories across North America using advanced shared-use routing technology.

Contact us today to activate one of these numbers, or any of our vanity numbers, to start generating 25-50% more inbound phone calls, sales, and profits…. Read more » 

Get the Right Vanity Number

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Toll Free Number

While the trend of using a toll free number for business is not new, a number of business owners and managers may not know how to choose the right number. Along with selecting a registered and reliable service provider, you should also keep in mind few considerations when subscribing to a custom toll free number.

Here is a quick look at some of the common blunders that businesses make and tips to avoid these mistakes:… Read more » 

Five 800 Vanity Services- Get an Intelligent Calling System

Vanity numbers not only provide subscribers to promote their business with an easy to remember and customized contact number, but also provide them an opportunity to adopt an intelligent calling system. While many new subscribers opt for basic packages, additional features like call monitoring, reporting and tracking increase the ease of business management.

Additional features vary with different service providers, but you should choose the service provider which offers services that match your business requirements. Here is a look at some of the smart services provided by 800response that can help you improve your consumer services:… Read more » 

Quick Facts about Vanity 800 Numbers

Most mainstream business owners use toll free numbers to promote their organizations. The service has matured considerably over years, and today entrepreneurs can enjoy many additional features to boost their business and provide better consumer services.

Here are some quick facts to guide new subscribers about the basics of toll free numbers:

Although toll free numbers can be routed in the same landline connection, these numbers are different from other numbers. These numbers are administered by a central toll free organization in which every toll free subscriber is registered. Another major difference between toll free and other landline numbers is calling charges. A toll free user has to pay for all incoming as well outgoing local calls. However, for long distance calls, normal calling charges would apply…. Read more »