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Smart Advertising Brings Early Education Center More Qualified Leads

We recently spoke with a customer who has been using their vanity 800 number for several months; immediately putting it into their regional advertising campaigns to generate more inbound phone calls, as well as to track and qualify the callers and categorize them by the education program they were calling about.

The educational company is a leading provider of child care and early education with 60 locations and 20 years of experience. They have over 1,200 employees, and serve over 7,000 children each day in multiple cities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York…. Read more » 

3 Reasons Vanity Telephone Numbers Will Boost Your Inbound Leads

In the “old days” only major corporations had vanity telephone numbers. However, they have become such a valued advertising tool that many smaller businesses have opted to incorporate them as well. There are many reasons to choose a vanity telephone number for your business.

Improve Business Memorability

The fact is, unless people can remember your phone number when they need your services or products, there’s a good chance that they won’t be contacting you. The most successful companies use easy to remember marketing strategies that get stuck in their customers’ minds. 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-PET-MEDS are excellent examples of companies that really capitalized on using a vanity phone number to get their customers to remember them. It’s also beneficial because you’re effectively reducing the amount of information your customers need to remember into a single phrase or word…. Read more » 

Winter Weather: Improve Return on Investment

If you are watching the news, you know winter weather is hitting and will continue to hit for several months. That means people will be needing help with furnaces, burst pipes, and similar services.

There are many companies who can fix furnaces, pipes, and help people out in the winter weather. However, if you are the person with pipes that have burst, do you want to have to look through the Internet for help? If the electricity is out, then that won’t work either.

Help people out this winter, and also improve return on your investment. Have a phone number that people can remember. When they are in the middle of a crisis caused by winter weather, they need a phone number that is easy to remember…. Read more » 

New Year’s: New Vanity Numbers

The New Year is coming and it would be great for January to include a boost to your business. So, why not make a New Year’s resolution for your business? Make a resolution to get and use vanity numbers to increase the phone traffic connected to your business?

Why should this be your #1 New Year’s resolution for your business?

Why do Americans say they use toll free numbers? Because they are easy to remember. Consumers report they associate numbers with products or businesses. Instead of having to remember a random phone number, the association moves the number from short term to long term memory…. Read more » 

Start 2014 Off Right; Get More Calls, Sales $ Profits With Vanity Numbers

As you’re gearing up for the change of year, as you’re settling in to develop new marketing and advertising strategies, using new creative materials, either keep using your unforgettable vanity 800 number, or get a vanity 800 number today.

With the customer experience buzz on the rise, making your customers’ lives easier, and driving them to call you more so you can build those important relationships, make sure they have an easy way to get in touch with your business…. Read more » 

Be Memorable and Increase Response Rates with Vanity Phone Numbers

As you are driving down the road, which license plate do you remember? The one that says AH 78430, or the one that says MYCAR? We all remember MYCAR instead of the other one! In fact, we probably stop to actually read the license plate that says MYCAR instead of the other one? Why? We are drawn to the words that make sense.

As you are driving down the road, which billboard will you remember? The one that has five sentences, a 10-digit phone number and a URL address, or the one that says GET A NEW FORD TODAY. Call 1-800-NEW-FORD? We all remember the FORD billboard because it’s short and to the point. We can remember it. We probably didn’t even bother trying to read the other billboard…. Read more » 

Meet Your 2014 Inbound Lead Quota With a Vanity Number!

As the New Year approaches, you’ve probably been working on 2014 plans, including marketing and advertising, and yes, of course, budgets. A general rule of thumb for a business is to increase goals, quotas and profits, year-over-year. Then, there comes the challenge of meeting those metrics throughout the year.

If your business, or your clients, rely on inbound leads to fill the sales funnel, then surely you use advertising and marketing to generate those leads. And, to help meet those metrics of more inbound leads, sales, and profits you need to stand out from the competition and communicate a clear, concise message…. Read more » 

Vanity Numbers For Christmas

Are you wondering what to buy your daughter and son-in-law for Christmas? They just opened a business, so their budget is stretched. They could use several things. You worry about the new business and wish you could help.

You can!!!!!! You can help grow their new business and give them the perfect Christmas present. Have you heard about vanity numbers? It is a phone number that uses words to represent the numbers. People remember words better than numbers, and people remember businesses that have a phone number with words. Why? It’s association, it’s how our brains work…. Read more » 

All I Want for Christmas: Vanity 800 Numbers

It’s that season when Christmas is showing up in the stores and businesses are hoping for a good shopping season. Are you one of those businesses? If yes, then can customers remember your phone number in order to contact you?

Think about it:

1. We associate a red kettle and a ringing bell with Salvation Army…. Read more »