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Short-Term Memory: Why 800 Vanity Numbers Are More Effective

Human short-term memory is incredibly limited – most people can only retain seven items in their short-term or “working” memory.  If you want to test someone’s short-term memory, give them a string of random numbers, like a phone number, and then ask them to repeat it.  They can probably do it the first time, but if you give them a new string and ask them to perform some activity before repeating it back, they’ll likely have forgotten…. Read more » 

Vanity 800 Numbers for Healthcare – Hospitals and Clinics

No matter what your specialty, a vanity 800 number reaches more people, and they will more easily remember your services when they need to access a hospital or clinic in the area. Advertise with a vanity 800 number and get 25-50% more incoming phone calls, book more appointments, and bring in more patients.

Here is  sample of vanity numbers available for hospitals and clinics, and you can find more by searching our online directory:

“When people call 1-800-NEW-HEALTH, we are able to turn those phone leads into sales about 50% of the time. It is a complicated topic, and although people can get information online, it is easier for them to speak with an agent who can explain the details more thoroughly.”  ~ INDEPENDENT INSURANCE BROKER, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD… Read more » 

Markets Are Rebounding – How About a Vanity Number in Advertising?

Markets are rebounding, more houses are selling for more money.  Now is the time to advertise your financial and lending institution, services and programs. A vanity number will help improve advertising response rates, plus you can record all of your calls coming into the vanity number, and use call tracking reports to monitor every incoming call.  With tracking data you can build a lead database, capture addresses and demographics on the callers, and better understand which advertising sources are producing the most leads…. Read more » 

Vanity 800 Numbers for Advertising the Education Industry

“Using the custom 800 number is an inexpensive way to increase the number of applications we process. I thank our outdoor rep every day for recommending we use 1-800-NEW-CAREER on our billboards!”  ~ Mike Artem, Executive Director, Cambria Rowe Business College

Advertising for colleges, post-secondary schools, career schools, and schools with multiple locations can be competitive and costly. Make sure your school stands out by advertising with a vanity 800 number. Prospective students will more easily recall how to get in touch with your admissions department to start their application process…. Read more » 

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers: Tips for Personalizing Your Business Number

Toll-free vanity numbers provide customers with a valuable snapshot of your company, products or the services you offer. It may sound like a big responsibility for a mere seven numbers but many successful businesses have done it–you can too! Scientists classify vanity numbers as tele-phomnemonics, a legitimate method businesses use to help customers remember their phone number and associate it specifically with a business…. Read more » 

Finding Available Tollfree Vanity Numbers

At 800response, we gauge our success by your results. Time and again, Custom 800 numbers prove themselves to be the best way to generate more calls which gets sales which results in more profits for you. We serve companies of any size in any industry all over North America. Automotive companies, home improvement, health care, education, financing and banking, services and retail, along with customer and agency partners just to name a few.

But how does one find available vanity numbers? Well that is much easier than you may think. 800response has the largest selection of true blue 800 vanity numbers of anyone anywhere. We offer hundreds of 800 vanity numbers in dozens of industries, so we’re bound to have the perfect number to fit your business and get you astounding results. How do you sift through all these numbers? We’ve set up a user friendly search page where you can browse a massive selection of 800 numbers in our directory by industry, keyword, or even a specific number. Once you find a number that’s just right for you, contact us and we’ll start you on the path of higher recognition and improved sales. It’s that simple…. Read more » 

Spanish Vanity 800 Numbers for Your Business, Your Clients

i Llamenos hoy!

If that is the call-to-action in your (or your clients) advertising campaign, then you need a Spanish vanity 800 number to make it easy for your customers to call you.  Look at these Spanish vanity numbers we have available:

And, that’s not it – contact us and we’ll have you find the right Spanish vanity 800 number for your business and your client!… Read more » 

Custom 800 and Toll-Free Numbers for Advertising

Custom 800 numbers are a great way to build name recognition for your brand. Using custom vanity numbers in print, radio and television advertising gives you a competitive edge in your industry. Vanity numbers have, on average, a 75 percent higher recall than numeric phone numbers with the average consumer. That means when a potential customer is in need of a service – whether it’s an auto repair, landscaping service or a cake – they’re 75 percent more likely to call your custom 1-800 number than a competitor with a numeric phone number…. Read more » 

Why Use Call Monitoring?

The importance of call monitoring on your 800 number is astounding, especially when it comes to customer service. Great customer service is critical to maintaining and expanding your sales. With call monitoring, you can listen to incoming calls to ensure quality customer care, script adherence and to hear your customer’s reactions first hand. Hearing customer reactions helps you make changes in script or customer handling policies to make them more pleasing to the public…. Read more » 

Vanity 800 Numbers for the Home Improvement Industry

“Every day, 1-800-ROOF-PRO reinforces the credibility and professionalism of our company when people see the number on our vehicles and signs. And, it is more memorable than the local number we were using before.” ~ HISH RAHMAN , PRECISION ROOF CRAFTERS

Could your advertising use some improvement? Be the top-of-mind service provider in your market with an unforgettable Custom 800 number like these:

This is just a sample of the vanity 800 numbers we have for the home improvement industry.  There are hundreds of vanity numbers in dozens of industries.  Use our online directory search tool to find the best one for your business, or contact 800response today…. Read more »