The Right Phone Number for Your Business | 800 Response

What Phone Number Should Your Business Use?

Businesses have the option of choosing between two phone numbers that they want to use for their commercial purposes, one is their local business number, and the other is the special and customizable vanity phone number. While the local business phone number is established for most businesses, the vanity phone number is something special and a lot of businesses do not make use of this number. If these businesses knew how important these numbers were and how they could turn their business around for the better, they would all instantly start using them.

Business Phone Number Options

Local Business Phone Number

If you have an established business, you most likely have a local business phone number which makes it easy for your clients to reach you. This local number will consist of a three digit area code in the beginning followed by the actual number.

Vanity Phone Number

A vanity number uses words instead of numbers to communicate a particular number. An example is 1-800-WINDOWS. This number is easily recallable, memorable and can be committed to long term memory.

The Pros Of A Vanity Business Number

The vanity business number is free for your customers and everyone loves free calls. The best part is, the company has to bear the chargers of the call. This aspect makes the number even more unique and important in the hearts of consumers, since they start associating better with a company that is paying for their calls. These numbers are also easily remembered and recalled by clients which can hold extreme power when advertising your products and services. Another benefit is that a vanity number gives the impression that you are a large and a well established organization.

Which Is Likely To Generate More Sales Calls: A Vanity Number Or A Business Phone Number?

Making use of a vanity phone number can really help to boost your sales. Businesses advertise primarily to get more sales and customers out of potential clients and viewers. If they fail to do this basic thing, then all their advertising efforts go down the drain. If, in your ads and campaigns, you include a number which is memorable, easily recallable, and associated well with your business, then you are guaranteed success in terms of more calls from potential customers.

Vanity numbers, on average, get much better responses off billboards, have a 14 times higher response rate on the radio, are more memorable, recallable, and much easier to commit to memory. Vanity phone numbers help businesses a lot, which is why they are increasing in popularity day by day.

Businesses have started incorporating their vanity numbers everywhere, from print to billboards, TV ads, and even radios. These numbers have worked wonders for visual media campaigns, and it has been noted that no matter how fast a consumer drives by an add with a toll free number, if that number is simple and easy, it will stick with them no matter what.

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