Get More Calls with Vanity Numbers

Start 2014 Off Right; Get More Calls, Sales $ Profits With Vanity Numbers

As you’re gearing up for the change of year, as you’re settling in to develop new marketing and advertising strategies, using new creative materials, either keep using your unforgettable vanity 800 number, or get a vanity 800 number today.

With the customer experience buzz on the rise, making your customers’ lives easier, and driving them to call you more so you can build those important relationships, make sure they have an easy way to get in touch with your business.

Is 888-389-4729 easy to remember and dial?  No!

Is 802-383-0645 easy to remember and dial? No way!

Is 800-NEW-RIDE easy to remember and dial?  YES!

If you’re using radio, television, outdoor advertising like bus wraps, vehicle signage, yard signage, or banners, then you need to include a phone number for people to call you.

Here is a small sample of the hundreds of vanity 800 numbers that are available, and may just be available in your market:

800-NEW-CELL          800-NEW-CAREER          800-ALL-GONE
800-GOOD-ADVICE  800-NEW-RIDE                800-NEW-CARS
800-NEW-LOOK         800-NEW-HEALTH          800-NEW-HEART
800-NEW-FUND         800-NEW-GOAL              800-NEXT-JOB

Call us today at 1-800-NEW-SALE and we’ll show you how a vanity number in your ad campaigns will bring in more calls, more sales, and more profits. It’s easy, you can even do it yourself using this ROI calculator, then search for a vanity 800 number online.



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