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Build Your Business Reputation On Your 800 Vanity Numbers

Phone numbers have become much more than just a way for customers to contact a business. While that is one of their functions, using 800 vanity numbers has become an important marketing tool for businesses as well. If you’ve never considered utilizing the power of a vanity number for your company, you’ll find that it makes building your business reputation even easier.

First of all, customers appreciate knowing that a company has an 800 number. When that number is easier to remember, that makes it all the better. Customers relate 800 numbers to free phone calls. Even though many customers use cell phones or have unlimited long distance calling on their house phones, older customers especially appreciate them because they don’t have to worry that a phone call to your business is going to cost them a lot of money…. Read more » 

Maximize your Advertising Return on Investment with Available Vanity Numbers

When big corporations and long-established businesses snap up all the available vanity numbers, it is tough for start-up or small businesses to compete. Of course, this adage only holds true until a company steps up to the plate and levels the playing field. 800response is that company and you are now invited to get in line and hit your marketing home run.

800response is your one-stop-shop for highly desirable available vanity numbers. Contact us today to get your number, and get ready to maximize your advertising return on investment…. Read more » 

Why Do Phone Calls Produce Better Leads?

Because a live conversation is always a stronger, more direct path to a sale.

How do we know this?  We have proof from businesses who advertise both their vanity 800 number and their web address as direct response mechanisms in their advertising materials.

“We use 1-800-NEW-FORD in our radio and TV ads because it is easy for people to remember. Phone calls are more valuable than online web leads. Having an inbound phone call eliminates a few steps and shortens the sales process.”Read more » 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Call Tracking to Measure Ad Response

Imagine spending thousands with no way of measuring the results. Knowing how many leads a campaign generates empowers you to make informed decisions on future ad campaigns and media buys.

Real-time tracking and recording features provide you with the knowledge you need to make strategic decisions when it comes to advertising campaigns; whether it be decisions on creative elements, the offer, the call to action, or the media outlets you trust with your messages.

With a call tracking service you can home in on the fine details of who is calling your business, what their average household income is, their average home value, as well as when they are most likely to call…. Read more » 

Free Infographic: Why Choose Vanity 800 Numbers

We created the following infographic to share some interesting data that the phone is still an important tool to communicate with consumers, how vanity 800 numbers are improving advertising response rates, how they resonate with consumers, and why you should be using them in your advertising campaigns.

Learn why you should choose to advertise with vanity 800 numbers for a successful advertising strategy.

Contact us to learn more about using vanity 800 numbers to generate more calls, more sales, and more profits for your business.Read more » 

Is Your Number Available? Try a Free 800 Vanity Number Search

There’s nothing easier for consumers than a business telephone number that is easy to remember. Business owners are understanding the importance of utilizing a vanity 800 number. A telephone number that is unique to your business and that is simple to remember offers a better chance of repeat customers. It also is beneficial for word-of-mouth business as consumers can easily tell their friends and family about your service and offer your phone number on the spot…. Read more » 

Memorable Vanity 800 Numbers Are Available for Any Industry

Your business is not only your lifeblood and your pride and joy, but it is an extension of your personality. You’ve taken painstaking efforts to come up with a catchy brand name. Do you think business names like “Carl’s Pain in The Glass” windshield repair, “Lord of The Fries”, and “Florist Gump” just name themselves? Of course not! You’ve even taken the time to come up with a catchy slogan, a catchy URL, maybe even a catchy mascot.

This begs the following question; Why wouldn’t you take the time to find a memorable and catchy phone number for your customers to easily remember and call you?… Read more » 

Be Empowered – Learn About Customers with Vanity 800 Number & Tracking

Do your clients know who their customers really are; like their call patterns, purchase trends, satisfaction level, household income and home value? Where do they tend to live? And, what time of day do they tend to call?

Call tracking services provide accurate insights to answer many of these business questions that run through the minds of your clients, and that are discussed during management meetings:… Read more » 

Vanity Numbers For Fun and Profit

Welcome to one of the most original markets available to offer you our help! With our tailored and imaginative phone numbers, it is always difficult to get your company out of the public’s thoughts! Try a vanity phone number to make your company 25-50% more visible to the searching customer. You can find a vanity number for almost every industry.  Put in Water Bed and the machine will come back with a thorough list of appropriate phone numbers, such a 1-800-New Beds.  Is that not a more memorable phone number than a boring strip of numerals?… Read more »