Why Consumers Prefer Telephone Calls | 800 Response

Telephone Calls Wins Over Alternate Channels for Consumer Preference

US consumers prefer to resolve their customers service issues using:

  • Telephone (90%)
  • Face to face (75%)
  • Company website or email (67%)
  • Online chat (47%)
  • Text message (22%)
  • Social networking site (22%)

The need for a new toll-free prefix (844 to be released in December 2013), along with millions of toll-free phone numbers that are already in use, plus a more effective way to communicate with a person are just a few of the justifications that phone calls and talking on the phone is still the number one way consumers in the U.S. want to handle their affairs.

What are you waiting for?  Get a vanity 800 toll-free number for your business, use it in advertising, make it memorable and more people will call you, more often, and spend more money!

(Source: American Express)



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