Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers: Tips for Personalizing Your Business Number

Toll-free vanity numbers provide customers with a valuable snapshot of your company, products or the services you offer. It may sound like a big responsibility for a mere seven numbers but many successful businesses have done it–you can too! Scientists classify vanity numbers as tele-phomnemonics, a legitimate method businesses use to help customers remember their phone number and associate it specifically with a business.

According to an article published by Augustana College, “The important thing is that the mnemonic (in this case, a vanity number) should clearly relate to the thing being remembered, and that it should be vivid enough to be clearly remembered whenever you think about it.” The same article also notes that seven is the perfect amount of numbers or letters for a person to remember. If you have chosen to use a vanity number, you need to personalize it for your specific business. The following tips can help you convey your message perfectly.

  • Make a list of potential words since you may not get the first one you request.
  • Select vanity numbers that have a positive message. Studies show that positive words give better impact among the customer base.
  • Consider chunking. That’s a technique that puts together two smaller words instead of selecting one. You can also create word and number combinations like, BIGHAIR1.
  • If your company has a long name, an acronym may work perfectly for your business or organization.
  • Humorous vanity numbers are more likely to be remembered than a boring word. Don’t be afraid to show humor.

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