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Vanity Numbers Can Help Improve Your Return on Investment

How Business ROI Can Be Improved With Vanity Numbers

Businesses, especially start-ups, face many hurdles initially, and most of these hurdles are based on low capital. What these businesses need to remember is that resources will always be limited, but the aspect that will help differentiate them from the rest will be how effectively they use those limited resources, particularly inbound lead generation tactics, like advertising.

Vanity numbers are an extremely cost-effective method to boost return on investment and improve your overall advertising strategies. Even though these toll-free numbers have been in use for a long time (since 1967!), very few businesses realize the actual power they have over their success.

Easy to Remember Numbers

These toll free numbers are special customized numbers. An example is 1-800-FLOWERS. Since the 1-800 part of the number is same in most cases, this part is easy to remember. The latter part of the number usually consists of a company’s name or what they specialize in, like 1-800-NEW-RIDE for auto dealers, 1-800-NEW-VISION or 1-800-NEW-LASIK for eye doctors. These numbers help to increase customer recall and allows businesses to increase their existing customer base.

Promote Your Company

When businesses choose to advertise with a vanity number that tells the story of their business, they get near automatic recognition among their customers, and prospects, which helps with repeat business, and new business!

Enter into Mainstream Business World

A lot of the businesses in America rely on vanity 800 numbers to brand their business locally, regionally, and nationally. So, when you get a toll free vanity number for your business, you are included in a huge list of mainstream corporate enterprises. This will help give you recognition, and establish you as a reliable and credible business, which in turn will quickly increase your customer database.

Effective Advertisement

Having a toll free number is a great advertising technique and so naturally, they are present in many advertising and marketing campaigns. Even in online advertising, toll free numbers get instant attention from customers.

Monitor, Analyze and Plan

In some cases, vanity service providers might also give added services like tracking, monitoring, and analyzing. These services help businesses to predict the growth of their business, and to set appropriate goals for themselves.

Learn from Consumers’ Reviews

Vanity numbers help businesses to better interact with their customers because they have a platform of free interaction. This removes any hesitation from the customers’ side, while at the same time getting valuable customer feedback.

Customers are the true essence of any business, and if they are tapped into properly, they can help to increase the return on investment for your business. You can better understand the expectations of your customers if you adopt ways that will help you get in touch with your customer base.

Find Available Vanity Numbers Today

Good vanity numbers are still available, if you know where to look. Check out this online directory and search for the perfect unforgettable phone number for your business’s next advertising campaign. Or, contact us and speak with an account manager who can do the search for you!