Why Are Vanity Numbers Important?

Why Vanity Telephone Numbers are So Important for your Business

Vanity telephone numbers are not just designed to make your business appear more professional but they help to brand your business as well. They are simple to remember and are perfect for businesses that invest a lot into display advertising or those who conduct business on a national level over the phone. It is far too unrealistic to expect potential customers to remember a long number they have seen on a billboard or in an advertisement. It makes more sense to offer a vanity number like 1-800-Flowers that is easy to remember.

Benefits of Vanity Numbers

Brand Recognition

Vanity telephone numbers, like a good domain name, creates prestige and a good impression. They promote brand recognition since they can be associated easily with the business and are easy to remember.

Provides a Wider Market Presence and Reach

These types of numbers give you an edge over your competition. You get a wider reach and an appearance of professionalism. Your business will appear established and will allow your customers to reach your business free of charge any time of the day or night. Your business can reap direct marketing benefits.

Keeps Your Customers from Using the Yellow Pages

If your business uses a vanity number, your customers will no longer have the need to look you up in the Yellow Pages. In fact, it is said that when customers have to refer to the Yellow Pages to look up a business phone number, there is a higher chance of them being distracted by the display ads and ending up going elsewhere.

800 Vanity Numbers are Unique

You can use a vanity number that targets a specific market area. Even if all your customers live in a single area code, 3 to 4 area codes or an entire state, 800 vanity numbers will provide you with 100% of all calls within the area you target and calls will come straight to you regardless if you use a call center, landline or cell phone.

Gives You a Brand Name

If you are trying to create a brand name for your business, you need to use vanity numbers since they provide cost free features and attract new customers. Since these numbers are an identity of your business and are simple to remember, they are great for word of mouth marketing since customers can easily share your number with friends and family.

Overall, vanity telephone numbers help you to establish your brand, create identity and leave a good and lasting impression with your target market. If you want to look professional, secure your reputation and increase your customer base, you should definitely look into obtaining one of these numbers.

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