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3 Ways Anyone Can Effectively Use Radio Advertising

Radio’s audience is bigger than ever before, with 9 times more people listening to traditional radio than satellite radio.  And with over 15,000 (and growing) full-power stations in the United States alone, it just makes sense for businesses to utilize radio as a prime advertising platform.  One business that recently took advantage of this opportunity was Home Depot.  At the start of the summer retail season, Home Depot launched a massive radio campaign.  The results?  Their latest financial report showed a revenue increase of 6% (compared to 4.3% of other home improvement stores) and the stores themselves outdid their own predicted sales by 4 to 5.5%.

The benefits of radio advertising are very clear in this scenario. But don’t think a business needs to be a huge conglomerate to reap these rewards; small businesses can get in on the action, as well.  Here are three tips to help anyone use radio advertising to successfully achieve their goals.

Establish a Local Connection

When it comes to getting more people to try a new product or service, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by advertising on local radio stations.  Many local stations are often directly involved with their communities, so listeners have a sense of loyalty to these stations.  Hearing commercials on local stations helps people feel more connected to whatever is being advertised, as they feel closer to it.  It also helps to use local radio personalities in advertising, since people tend to feel said personalities are genuine and thus more trustworthy.  Using these personalities in ads can help build brand trust among listeners.

Target the Right Demographics

The virtual omnipresence of radio means people can be listening to it practically anywhere, so the opportunity to connect with more people is huge. In addition, the vast variety of stations that appeal to a multitude of demographics means businesses have far better odds of ensuring their ads are reaching the desired audiences.  They can further improve these odds by using a phone number with call tracking capabilities in their ads, which can help gain an even more in-depth understanding of their listeners.  Audience targeting becomes more precise and accurate, making it easier to know when and where to advertise for maximum effectiveness.  And brand trust leads to brand loyalty.

Make Ads Unforgettable with Vanity 800 Numbers

Home Depot purchased almost a quarter of a million radio commercial spots in two weeks.  Even with radio advertising’s low production costs, most local stations can’t afford this kind of volume.   But that’s alright, because as with any other advertising, the key to radio marketing is memorability. Traditional radio advertising boasts an unaided recall level 5 times greater than any other media, and businesses can make it even greater by using a strong call to action like a vanity 800 number.  Studies show people are more likely to remember a vanity number than a numeric number or URL, so featuring one in an advertisement all but guarantees both listener recall and action.

Many people are too quick to dismiss radio advertising, but the truth is that it is just as effective as other platforms, if not more so.  Small, local businesses and large, cosmopolitan businesses can all benefit from using radio advertising.  Be sure to make it a part of your next campaign!