Use of Toll-Free Number in Super Bowl XXIV Commericials

Use of Toll-Free Numbers as a Direct Response Vehicle in Super Bowl XXXIV Commercials

100% of television ads during the Super Bowl XXIV use vanity numbers.

Effective use of direct response mechanisms, especially toll-free numbers, has produced numerous business success stories. As companies continue extending their use from customer retention to marketing, direct response mechanisms are found in more and more advertisements.

Findings Summary

The results of this study, focusing on the use of direct response in television commercials aired during Super Bowl XXXIV, show 16% of advertisements using toll-free numbers as response mechanisms, with 91% being 800 numbers (as opposed to toll-free 888 or 877) and 100% being vanity numbers (numbers that translate into words for easy recall). The results also show 63% using Internet addresses. Overall, 73% use toll-free numbers or Internet addresses or both.

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