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If you’re pleased with the results you’re seeing with your vanity 800 phone numbers, call routing, tracking and monitoring services, and the service you receive from our Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Service departments, then send us a short video testimonial. It’s simple — complete the form below and either attach a pre-recorded video, or record one using a webcam. There are some questions below to use as a guide to get started, and you can start by explaining how you use your toll-free vanity and tracking numbers in advertising campaigns, the results you see, and how you use the call tracking reports and monitoring tools. Once we receive your video, we’ll be sure to post it online so others can see experience and learn from your success.

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Our biggest source of pride comes from helping our customers obtain quality inbound phone leads with unforgettable vanity 800 numbers and exceptional advertising strategies, plus offering unparalleled Sales and Customer Service support to help ensure our customers’ continued success. As our most important assets, our customers always come first in everything we do. We’ve been working with our customers since 1990 – that is a long time and is a testament to the power of our services, products, and employees.

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This is the most incredible service ever. And it’s so easy. One time I sent a fax to some companies listed in the Yellow Pages – totally cold prospects – saying I had 1-800-NEW-VISION and 200,000 listeners. By the time I got back to my desk, the phone was ringing. 800response is a beautiful thing.

Cory Cuddeback – Agency Partner