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Improve sales training, enhance customer service, close more deals, and capture customer interactions with Call Monitoring and CallFinder Speech Analytics.

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Great customer service is often the key to improving and growing your business. With our call monitoring tools, including call recording, call transcriptions, and speech analytics, you can elevate the customer experience, improve agent performance, ensure advertising ROI, and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about our call monitoring and speech analytics solutions.

Call monitoring is a process where calls made or received by employees in a contact center or customer service environment are systematically recorded and analyzed for quality and compliance purposes. This allows organizations to evaluate the performance of their employees, ensure adherence to company policies, and maintain high levels of customer service.

Call monitoring helps to ensure consistent and high-quality customer service by monitoring calls to: identify areas for improvement, provide feedback and coaching to employees, maintain compliance with company policies and industry regulations, and quickly address and resolve customer concerns to improve CX.

Yes, call monitoring is legal in most jurisdictions, but organizations must comply with applicable laws and regulations, such as obtaining consent from all parties involved in the call, notifying employees and customers of call monitoring practices, and handling and storing call recordings securely to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Speech analytics technology uses automated software to analyze and extract valuable insights from call recordings. Advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques analyze speech patterns, tone, keywords, and other audio cues to identify trends and measure performance in contact center environments.

Absolutely! We can customize our platform according to your specific business needs. And we are equipped to integrate your call data and recordings with a wide variety of generally available CRM products. Data can be transmitted in a variety of ways based on your call volume and security needs.

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Automated Call Transcriptions by CallFinder

CallFinder’s automated call transcriptions empower you to analyze the transcripts from every recorded call. Advanced search functionality provides an easy way to pinpoint particular keywords and phrases within a specific time frame. This helps managers locate calls that require attention, or showcase exceptional performance by specific agents, all in support of your training initiatives. Learn how to leverage the power of call transcriptions to uncover trends and gain CX insights by booking a demo of our monitoring solutions.

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Missed Call Monitor – Turn Prospects Into Customers

Our real-time Missed Call Monitor Alerts provide a proactive solution that keeps you informed about any missed incoming calls to your 800 phone numbers through email or SMS alerts. With these immediate notifications about missed calls, you have the power to swiftly respond and recover potentially lost leads. Harness the capabilities of Missed Call Monitor to recapture missed opportunities in real time, and turn prospects into customers.

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