Call Routing

Geo-Based Call Routing for Custom 800 Numbers

Your customers deserve precise routing of their calls when they’re trying to reach your business. Geo-based call routing ensures accurate routing of your inbound phone calls so your customers can reach you as quickly and easily as possible every time, no matter where they are.

No matter how complex or demanding your business, 800response is ready to meet your needs with a variety of sophisticated advanced call routing tools. We offer a wide range of call routing applications to handle your inbound phone calls, and our experienced routing analysts will work with you to determine which solution is most effective based on the size of your business, the number of locations you have and their proximity to each other, and more!

How Geo-based Smart Call Routing Works

Geographic routing of phone calls starts as soon as a person dials a phone number. Our call routing technology detects the physical position of the caller and uses their location information to route the call appropriately, and according to the rules a business sets. We can set your call to route by:

  • Area code and/or phone number exchange
  • County and/or zip code
  • Closest business location to caller

No matter what type of phone your customers are calling from, land-line or mobile, with Geo-Based Smart Routing we will route callers accurately, seamlessly, and quickly – and with no caller interaction.

Benefits of Geographic Smart Routing from 800response

  • Accurate, geographic routing of every phone call, every time
  • Improved connection rates and decreased hold times and transfers
  • Superior customer experiences
  • Satisfied callers and customers
  • Increased sales and revenues

Additional Advanced Call Routing Solutions

Listed here are a few of the routing options we provide for our Custom 800 numbers. And, we can develop other routing arrangements to meet your specialized needs.

  • Mobile call routing
  • Percent allocator
  • Exchange routing
  • Call prompt routing
  • Zip code routing
  • Closest location routing
  • Enhanced closest location routing

For more on these routing options, click here.

Flexible, Geo-Based Smart Call Routing Solutions with 800response

We will meet the needs of your business, no matter how complex or demanding your routing needs are with our custom call routing software and solutions. We’ve been developing advanced routing applications for businesses of all sizes since 1990, including multi-location businesses and franchise systems. As a result of our extensive experience and knowledge of the complexities that present themselves when developing applications for our customers, we’ve been able to build a strong team of Smart Routing Analysts. Be sure that your inbound callers and customers are reaching your business more efficiently.

Learn more about our extensive routing solutions by contacting us today at 1-800-NEW-SALE.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is the most incredible service ever. And it’s so easy. One time I sent a fax to some companies listed in the Yellow Pages – totally cold prospects – saying I had 1-800-NEW-VISION and 200,000 listeners. By the time I got back to my desk, the phone was ringing. 800response is a beautiful thing.

Cory Cuddeback – Agency Partner