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Campaign Summary Reports

View high-level insights to make data-backed decisions about which advertising efforts are most effective at generating leads, sales, and revenue.

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Gain a Wealth of Information on Your Callers with Our Campaign Summary Reports

Campaign summary reports provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and impact of advertising efforts, and allow businesses to analyze data, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize future strategies and maximize return on investment.

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Get a 30k foot view call activity. The snapshot report enables you to quickly discern call trends and patterns that need to be examined in more detail.

Campaign Summary

Review call activity according to established campaigns, easily analyze which media buys and ad placements generate more leads than others, and track cost-per-lead by specific advertising campaign.

Daily & Hourly Call Summary

Assess peak call days, identify trends, staff your business according to call volume, and monitor the results of your advertising buys with the Daily & Hourly Call Summary reports.

Call Duration Analysis

Get a summary of calls according to length for quality assurance. Monitor average call lengths to confirm that guidelines on what should be addressed on each call.

Media Summary

The Media Summary recaps calls for all campaigns, grouped by media type – for example, TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, etc. – as specified in your campaign set-up. Know which channels bring more leads.

County & Zip Code Summary

Include prospects in future mailing campaigns, promotions and service announcements. Plus, further refine your marketing efforts by segmenting leads according to geographic and demographic data.

As a business, your focus is on growing revenues and improving the return on your investments in marketing and advertising, customer data capture, employee training programs, and more. But finding one solution to gather and manage all this information easily and efficiently is a challenge. That’s where 800response will help. Our robust tracking and analytics software combines comprehensive lead generation, lead tracking, and interaction analytics tools into one seamless solution. We’ll help you validate marketing initiatives with attribution metrics, gain business insights, and improve the customer experience so you can focus on growing your business. With inbound lead generating and direct response tools like unique and memorable local and toll-free phone numbers to real-time call analytics and customer profile data points, fed directly into your CRM, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also record, transcribe, and analyze your customer interactions so you can capture valuable insights to improve the customer experience, compliance, employee training, and more. Let us help you lead prospects through the funnel and turn them into satisfied, revenue-producing customers. Schedule a demo with 800response and discover how our solution will help you attract and convert more leads and gain visibility into 100% of your customer interactions so you can deliver exceptional customer experiences, and grow your revenue.

Why Get a Vanity Number From 800response

In addition to offering the largest selection of vanity numbers, we offer a full solution of call tracking and conversation intelligence tools to SMBs in any industry. Here are other reasons to work with us.

  • 30 years of providing toll-free services
  • Sophisticated, flexible call routing applications
  • Call tracking metrics and customer analytics
  • Largest inventory of vanity numbers available today
  • Complete solution of ad response tools
  • 24/7 tech support & 5-star Client Engagement Team
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All Your Data in One Place

In addition to vanity numbers and call tracking data, we offer many other features to help you grow your business.

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Case Study: Call Tracking & Call Recording Services for Lead Management 

“Our call volumes spiked 360% when the TV ads were running. The ability to track incoming calls and monitor a campaign’s performance is invaluable.”

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Fiesta needed a service to track incoming calls to monitor advertising and franchise performance. Additionally, with multiple locations in the same geographic areas, the franchisor also needed an advanced call handling system to accurately route calls to all of their locations. When Fiesta ran their summer television campaign, the call volume spiked 360% when the TV ads were running, and they were able to closely monitor their cost per lead, which will help them as they expand their operations nationally. Read the full case study to learn more.




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Get Results with 800response

Get results like these using vanity 800 phone numbers from 800response in your advertising.

  • Improve Advertising ROI 
  • Increase Response Rates by 50% 
  • Bring in More Sales and Revenue 
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Deliver Data-Backed Campaign Attribution Metrics 
  • Improve the Customer Experience.
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Happy Clients

Our call volumes spiked 360% when the TV ads started running. The ability to track incoming calls and monitor a campaign’s performance is invaluable.

Deane Silke


Since activating the vanity numbers, Crossroads can benchmark campaign performance, access tangible data associated with their campaigns, and evaluate media performance.

Michelle Price-Taglialatela


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