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Insurance Franchisor Uses Call Tracking & Call Recording to Boost Leads

Client Profile:

The insurance provider began its operations in 1999 and is an authorized franchisor in 38+ states to service the insurance needs for their customers. The company provides topnotch products covering auto, watercraft, homeowners, commercial property, and much more.


Fiesta Auto Insurance Center has 32 locations throughout California. The franchisor is in the process of expanding into Texas and Nevada, and plans to double in size with national presence.


Fiesta needed a service to track incoming calls to monitor advertising and franchise performance. Additionally, with multiple locations in the same geographic areas, the franchisor also needed an advanced call handling system to accurately route calls to all of their locations.


Activate toll-free 800 services with advanced routing and real-time online call tracking reports.


Having access to call data proved helpful when Fiesta ran their summer television campaign. “Our call volumes spiked 360% when the TV ads were running. The ability to track incoming calls and monitor a campaign’s performance is invaluable,” according to Deane Silke, Vice President at Fiesta. “We can now closely monitor our cost per lead as a result of our advertising. This will be extremely important as we expand our operations nationally.”

Silke consults his tracking reports and shares individual call volumes with franchisees on a weekly basis. “The online tracking system is really easy to use. I just download a report of call data that is specific to individual franchise locations and send them a weekly report so they can monitor their business volumes.”

“As we sign on new franchisees, we plan to support the expansion with advertising campaigns. It is reassuring to know that we can monitor advertising initiatives and be confident that we are spending our marketing budgets wisely.”

A sophisticated routing solution is also top priority for Fiesta. “We are signing on new franchise locations every week and many are in the same market area. We need an advanced system to handle our complicated routing requirements, and 800response’s solution meets our needs exactly,” says Silke.

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