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Legal Group Works With 800response for Over 16 Years to Track Inbound Callers and Capture Client Demographics

Client Profile:

  • Southwest Legal Group – Customer since July 2001
  • Steven Dominguez, Marketing Manager
  • Southwest Legal Group operates 15 offices in the Southwest region, covering five states. The legal group’s practice areas are wide-ranging and they service thousands of clients every year.

Background / Challenge:

In 2001, the marketing manager sought an efficient response tool to use in all advertising campaigns and channels to direct calls to a single location for a screening.


Activate a unique toll-free tracking number to place in every type of advertising and direct all calls through the group’s headquarters for an initial screening before being routed to the most appropriate office equipped to handle each case.


Southwest Legal Group receives over 800 inbound phone calls each month from new clients and current clients seeking an update on their specific legal cases.

According to Steven Dominguez, Southwest Legal Group “consistently uses 1-800-639-5555 in all of the firm’s advertising campaigns, and has been for the last 14 years.” The firm advertises their locations and practice areas using television, print, outdoor billboards, flyers, as well as DRTV campaigns, events, and more recently digital media and paid search campaigns.

Dominguez confirms that the legal group “wanted one unique toll-free number to use across all media channels and to route and process calls through one office for consistent screening and assigning of new clients to the best location for their needs.”

Mr. Dominguez continues, “Using one toll-free phone number across all marketing and advertising campaigns – traditional and digital – allows us to accurately measure our historical trend of inquiries by phone, and the one memorable phone number also brands our 15 offices under one company.” For example, Dominguez explains that a few years ago, the legal group started spending more on advertising and in turn saw their incoming call volume increase, thus deducing that increasing the advertising budget directly and unequivocally resulted in more client inquiries.

He goes on to explain the value of call recording, “We listen to recordings of conversations to monitor calls for quality assurance as they pass through our basic in-take process. We can play back and review calls to be sure our in-take employees are asking the right questions and delivering potential clients to the right location.”

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