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Quickly read and search every call transcription for every recorded call and every agent-customer interaction. Turn call recordings into easy profits with call transcriptions.

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Close Agent Knowledge Gaps to Improve CX & Sales

CallFinder’s call transcription feature allows you to quickly scan and search call transcriptions for every recorded call. Search for specific keywords and phrases across a select date range of interactions to pinpoint the calls where agents need improvement or are excelling for training purposes.

Call transcripts allow you to quickly search call recordings to identify trends specific to your business and training needs. Learn more in a custom demo of our call monitoring solutions.

Searchable Transcripts

Search call transcripts for keywords that provide managers with information on how agents handle calls and more.

Business Insights

Gain critical business insights to stay ahead of your competitors and win over your prospects.

Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

Do you know how your customers feel at the end of the call? This tool gives you a visual representation of customer and agent sentiment.

Customer Intelligence Data

Get a quick visual into 100% of contact center interactions and gather customer intelligence to improve CX and more.

Sales Opportunities

With complete visibility into sales calls, know what tactics work and which and which agents have skills.

Silence & Overtalk Detection

Mitigate customer frustration by determining which agents talk over customers, or get at the root of common issues, such as long hold times.

My experience with 800response and CallFinder has been an absolute pleasure. They were completely invested in tailoring their product to suit our needs. My name is Erin Carmona. I am the Director of First Impressions for We help dental practices make the most of every opportunity that comes into their practice through marketing ventures and getting their phone to ring. Prior to working with 800response, I was spending an exorbitant amount of time reviewing calls. It was incredibly difficult to keep up and to provide our practices with timely data and with actionable data. We were not giving our practices that immediate data so that they could make immediate change and make the most of the next first impression call they came into practice. 800response and CallFinder has enabled Best Dental Care to monitor the calls in a less subjective way. We use the 800response side to attract calls, to tag calls, to listen to the calls. And then, we use CallFinder reporting as well as the scorecard dashboard. We are just now starting to use the insight dashboard. Being able to see how much silence there was on the call, which side of the call, the amount of overtalk in the call. So, not just the score is important, but it’s that experience. And those insights are helping us see how we can help improve the experience. We’re very excited about where that’s going to take our agents in the future. I feel like we have a better finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the frontline, so that the patient is getting a better experience every single time they call. Empathy and putting yourself in that patient’s shoes is key. Relationships with our customers are what keep them coming back. We’re excited to have our agents take more ownership of their calls by being able to log in and see the reports. It’s that instant gratification for them and their ability to monitor their own performance, which has just been a huge game changer for us. I would absolutely recommend 800response and CallFinder. I think in this day and age, any large corporation that shows the amount of care that they do is absolutely worth doing business with. It’s been a great experience overall.

Why 800response

We offer so much more than vanity numbers. Watch our video testimonial to learn how Best Dental used call data with actionable insights to improve the patient experience on every call.

  • Gain 100% visibility into all calls
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Significantly reduce call QA time
  • Enhance sales training
  • Train agents to show empathy
  • Quickly identify common issues

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Call Monitoring Features

Learn more about our call monitoring features in a quick demo.

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Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

Along with automated call transcripts, CallFinder’s sentiment analysis provides a quick visual into 100% of contact center interactions. CallFinder uses AI-fueled technology to scan calls for both sentiment and tone. Those phrases are tagged as positive or negative to help you instantly review transcripts to determine which agents are performing well, and which ones need further training.

  • 50% Increase in Conversions
  • 30% Boost in Revenue
  • 15% More Customer Commitments
  • 15% Reduction in AHT

Silence & Overtalk Detection

Effective management requires more than “putting out fires.” It requires preventing problems. Silence and overtalk detection is a unique feature that identifies sources of customer frustration quickly enough to address them before they get out of hand.

Calls with too much silence or overtalk provide insights into common issues and agent training gaps, such as poor listening skills, technical issues that prevent timely responses, or any number of snags that reduce efficiency and potentially leave you with an angry customer. Learn more about how we can help you understand call outcomes with greater accuracy to achieve the best results.

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Happy Clients

The ability to see how much silence there was on the call, which side of the call, the amount of overtalk in the call…those insights are helping us see how we can improve the patient experience.

Erin Carmona


I love the call recording feature and the ability that 800response gives me to be able to listen in on my call center to track how they are doing and the information they are giving.

Jon Lloyd


Frequently Asked Questions

We use CallFinder for our automated call transcriptions, which are generated with a technology that uses machine learning algorithms to transcribe spoken conversations into text. CallFinder’s seamless tech integration makes it easy to feed your recorded conversations directly to CallFinder’s automated transcription system.

The accuracy of automated call transcriptions can vary depending on several factors, namely the quality of the audio recording, the speaker’s voice or dialect, and the specific algorithms used by the transcription engine. However, modern automated transcription systems can achieve over 90% accuracy, and much higher in CallFinder’s case.

Automated call transcriptions provide many benefits. First, they enhance customer service by providing an efficient way to improve overall call handling skills and call outcomes with insights into customer needs and preferences. Additionally, call center managers can more easily review and analyze customer interactions, identify common issues, and find ways to improve their processes and services.

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