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Explore our video gallery to learn how 800response can help your business attract new leads, gain valuable business insights, and turn more prospects into satisfied customers.

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800response + Methodist Health System: Measuring Empathy with CallFinder Boosts Collection Rates

Mitchell Taylor explains how Methodist Health System used CallFinder to measure empathy on every phone call, which increased the percentage of their payment plans by 25% and their self-pay collections by $150,000 per month. Learn more about CallFinder when you schedule a demo.

800response + Best Dental: Improving the Patient Experience with Interaction Analytics

Erin Carmona reveals how 800response & CallFinder helped her significantly reduce the time it took to review patient calls while providing their Dental clients with timely call data and valuable patient experience insights.

800response Customer Interaction Analytics

Learn how our customer interaction analytics solution provides insights on 100% of customer interactions to improve training and agent performance, boost CX, uncover lost sales opportunities, and much more!

800response Lead Generation & Tracking

Watch how our seamless SaaS call tracking and routing platform uses lead tracking analytics to measure marketing attribution, segment first-time callers and repeat callers, and geo-target campaigns to guarantee marketing success.

800response Full Solution

Learn more about how our solution can help your business attract quality leads, measure and track campaign performance, monitor the customer experience, and much more.