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Understand Your Customers with Conversation Intelligence

Building lasting customer relationships is the key to success for any growing business. Learn how our conversation intelligence tools help businesses improve the customer experience and agent performance in this video!

87 percent of businesses report that their industry has become more competitive in the last three years. This makes it more important than ever to really know your customers and what they need to differentiate by providing best-in-class customer experiences. To make that happen, your business needs data and insights into your customers. Meet the experts in customer interaction analytics. Our consumer profiles data delivers in-depth insights on every customer – like average home value, household income, age range, gender, and more – so you can focus on qualified customers and grow your business. In addition to consumer profile data, we deliver insights on 100 percent of your customer interactions so you can: Gain visibility into every customer interaction. Quickly scan and search full transcriptions for every recorded call. Access insights to improve agent and employee performance, training, and coaching. Discover customer sentiment to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience. Monitor and leverage trending topics and sales indicators. Uncover lost sales opportunities, all with our affordable and flexible cloud-based software solution, designed to fit your budget. Start capturing customer analytics and monitoring 100 percent of customer interactions to improve the customer experience, gain a competitive edge, and grow your business, with 800response. Schedule a demo of our lead tracking and interaction analytics solution now at 800response.com.

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