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Window Installation Franchise Uses Vanity 800 Number in Advertising and Experiences Busiest Year on Record

Client Profile:

Window franchise in West MI is family owned with approximately 12 employees, operating three installation crews in the Grand Rapids market. They are part of a national franchise business that has over 200 locations in 46 states.


As a franchise, the West MI location is solely responsible for all of the advertising, in addition to the marketing, planning, execution, and budgets. Prior to activating 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW, the business was using their local phone number, as well as a numeric toll-free number, in their advertising.


In early 2007, the corporate arm of the business activated 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW; they recommended all of their franchise owners do the same, using the number in their advertising to generate more inbound leads, and use the vanity number as a cohesive brand element.


The West MI franchise owner reports that her location is busier than ever today, with more installations and more revenue-generating business coming in.

The family operated business makes sure to use the unforgettable 800 number in all of their advertising efforts, including a strong direct mail campaign, newspaper inserts, and the phone book. According to the owner, “We run a lot of direct mail campaigns, using flyers primarily, to reach our customers and prospects.” The business uses 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW on all of these flyers, knowing that direct mail combined with the unforgettable phone number is the most effective way to reach their market.

“Having an easy-to-remember phone number, that is active pretty much nationwide between all of the locations, is a huge advantage,” she says.

The business owner goes on to explain that many of her customers relocate from another state. Once they settle, they call 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW and are automatically routed to the West MI location. Similarly, her customers often tell her that while they are traveling and visiting another state, they see billboards for the brand; when they are back home, they dial 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW and reach her store.

The West MI business has been steadily growing for over 11 years. “Working with 800response has been one of the smoothest business partnerships for us,” says the company owner. “When it comes to 800response, I know that everything will run smoothly, which is important when you are running a growing company.”

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