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HVAC Experts Use a Custom 800 Number to Reach Customers and Get More Inbound Calls

Client Profile:

This plumbing, heating, and air conditioning business services a large territory, with over 100 employees in Riverside County, California. The business has over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, providing service for commercial and residential projects.

Official Lennox® dealer.


Prior to using a Custom 800 number in their advertising, the large HVAC business was using their local number, or a toll-free numeric phone number. The company owner realized that the local phone number would not sufficiently support the business as the company grew and their service territory expanded.


In December 2013, they activated 1-800-COOLING to use in all of their advertising and marketing initiatives, covering Riverside County, CA – the fourth largest county by population in the state, with over two million people.


The HVAC company has a strong customer-focused philosophy. Their tagline is “We Can Because We Care”, and when they answer the phone, they greet the caller with “How can I make you smile?”

To reinforce this mission, the company owner believes that having a customer call into the business is more valuable than if they were to go to the website and submit a contact form. “When we speak with a customer on the phone, we have the opportunity to make a personal connection and add our personal touch to their experience with our company.”

When it comes to branding the business and reaching their customers, the owner explains, “We were looking for an unforgettable phone number that would be easy for our customers to remember. We considered a few memorable toll-free numbers, but once we came across 1-800-COOLING we were sold immediately.”

Once they activated the vanity number, the marketing department started using 1-800-COOLING in “almost everything”, according to the owner. The business uses radio, billboards, direct mail and digital media to advertise. And with a fleet of over 55 vehicles, they have moving billboards that feature 1-800-COOLING!

Today, the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning business receives over 400 calls into the 1-800-COOLING number.

The business owner says, “1-800-COOLING is the primary phone number for our business, and that we advertise in order to reach our customers. As we continue to use the number, I only expect that our incoming phone leads will continue to grow in the future.”

According to him, having an easy to remember phone number is very important for any business.

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