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Company Tests, Tracks Ads with Vanity 800 Number – Boosts Calls by 100% Year Over Year!

Client Profile:

President of two door installation and repair franchise locations in Delaware and Maryland, has been a franchise owner since 2002. They sell, install, and repair garage doors for residential and commercial locations.

Background / Challenge:

Before activating 1-800-NEW-DOOR, the company was using hybrid vanity numbers, like 1-866-541-DOOR on signage and in marketing materials. The company president admittedly had a hard time recalling his own phone number, and realized that customers would have a hard time remembering it as well.


When 800response contacted the company and offered service on 1-800-NEW-DOOR, the company president knew immediately that the unforgettable phone number would be easier for himself, and for his customers, to remember, and would help his franchise locations stand out from the competitors in surrounding markets.


According to the owner/president, “I was using other toll-free numbers in marketing materials and on our trucks, but the numbers were not catching on. People could not remember them easily, and they just weren’t working.” He shared that the business was seeing only 10-15 calls each month, and said “Phone calls were not even bumping the scale.”

Today, the company features 1-800-NEW-DOOR on their trucks, in all marketing materials such as business cards, and prominently in their radio and television advertising campaigns. “For me, having 1-800-NEW-DOOR is a proven cost-effective way to brand the business. Since we started using the number I have seen a great impact – our business is growing and our customers are calling us because we have such a memorable phone number.”

They started using radio to promote his business in April of 2013, featuring the vanity number. Since adding radio to his advertising strategy, along with the vanity number, the company has experienced a 100% increase in call volume coming into 1-800-NEW-DOOR, going from approximately 200 calls to over 400 calls in year-over-year comparison. “1-800-NEW-DOOR is making a tremendous impact on our business. The vanity number is much easier for me to remember, and of course easier for our customers to recall.”

According to the company owner, annual revenue for his franchises has increased a million dollars per year, which he attributes in part to using 1-800-NEW-DOOR to reach customers and keep his business top-of-mind.

“In my experience, the move to mass media – radio advertising – plus the 1-800-NEW-DOOR number has created a cost-effective way to advertise the business. We are in a smaller market, and run a small radio buy on the local stations. If we can see a 100% increase in call traffic from the combination of radio and a vanity number in a small market, just imagine what the franchisees in the larger markets would experience.”

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