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Unforgettable Vanity 800 Phone Numbers in Radio and TV Advertising Keep HVAC Contractor Top of Mind

Client Profile:

This HVAC contractor is the leading and most trusted air conditioning and heating service provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas market. The company also provides plumbing, electric, and security & fire services. They have been working with 800response since May 2010.

Background / Challenge:

Prior to using a vanity number in their radio and television ads, the business drove callers to their local phone number, which was numeric and not so easy to remember. The advertising agency that the company works with recommended a vanity number for their broadcast campaign.


In May 2010, the company activated two toll-free vanity phone numbers; 1-800-NEW-COOL to represent their air conditioning installation and maintenance services, and 1-800-NEW-HEAT for their heating customers. The numbers are featured in radio, television ad campaigns, as well as on their company trucks, which serve as moving billboards for the business.


The HVAC company has a catchy jingle, “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night”, which they feature in their radio and television advertising, along with a simple vanity phone number. According to the Vice President and Owner of the business, “We use the vanity number in our radio and television ad campaigns because it is a simple way for our customers to remember when dialing to get in touch with us when they need to make an appointment.”

The company owners are known in the Dallas/Fort Worth market for providing superior service. To demonstrate this, they go as far as to put their own faces on their company vehicles to represent the business, along with 1-800-NEW-COOL. Both of these visual elements represent the company’s brand image and dedication to their customers.

One company owner explains, “People ask why we put our faces on the trucks. I tell them, we started with a promise, and we’re going to continue that promise, even if it’s not my husband on the call or me on the phone. We want our customers to know that no matter what, we personally guarantee great service.”

With over 250 calls coming into the vanity numbers each month, the business has proven that using memorable phone numbers in various advertising channels is a way to resonate with their customers and generate substantial inbound inquiries for their services, all while simultaneously building a solid brand image.

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