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Call Tracking Detail & Measurement Saves Business $400 Each Month

Client Profile:

Home Improvement & Marketing Company – Customer since March 2016
Director of Business Development & Marketing
A leading construction company operates several businesses under the corporate umbrella, including a home building company and a lending company. There are eight employees answering inbound phone calls for the business.

Background / Challenge:

The marketing team executes multi-channel campaigns including radio, TV, print, and digital ads. With so much activity and dollars being spent, they need a controlled way to track each channel to determine ROI and any necessary strategy adjustments. To do this, a robust campaign tracking system is required. This option is not available through Comcast, so the business moved its toll-free numbers and service to 800response.


Activate unique toll-free tracking numbers to place in each campaign, create detailed campaign tracking profiles, and access call tracking analytics to perform daily lead audits.


The Director of Business Development & Marketing and his team use call tracking and campaign tools to:
1. Monitor advertising channel performance and track campaign ROI.
2. Maintain accurate information in their CRM database.
3. Identify missed calls and sales opportunities and recapture lost leads.

“The tracking data we get through 800response’s platform allows us to monitor advertising campaigns and ROI down to the exact penny. If I see, for example, that a radio campaign we’re running is driving a lot of inbound calls, I’ll commit more advertising dollars towards that campaign. If a TV campaign is not performing well, I know almost immediately and can stop putting ad budget towards that channel. The detailed call analytics we’re able to collect and analyze has streamlined our tracking ability and improved efficiencies without a doubt.” he says. The business also refers to their inbound call reports to detect missed calls from the day before so his sales team can follow up and recuperate lost revenue opportunities.

The marketing team checks the Call Detail reports on 800tracking.com every morning, using the inbound call data to cross-check the data entered into their CRM system and correct any missing or inaccurate information. “When employees handle inbound calls they may not enter all of the necessary information into our CRM system accurately. We use the call data to maintain our database and true-up any inaccurate information. This gives us the opportunity to re-train our employees so we’re working more efficiently.” he says.

The marketing department reports that they have reduced the quantity of toll-free numbers required to accurately track campaigns by 30%, and they are now saving $400 each month in phone numbers. According to the Director of Business Development & Marketing, “Moving to 800response has made our process of tracking campaign performance and maintaining lead information in our CRM database much more efficient and accurate, and we have not missed one lead.”

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