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Unforgettable 800 Number Delivers More Leads to HVAC Dealers & Clears Air on Media Performance

Client Profile:

Sixty regional dealers sell and install the company’s premier HVAC systems. The dealers are enrolled in a corporate-supported advertising program that provides them with quality leads. Customer since: September 2007

Background / Challenge:

A leading manufacturer of heating and cooling air solutions (HVAC) was searching for a system to route calls directly to their dealers and eliminate an outside call center. The company’s advertising agency presented the marketing specialist with an unforgettable Custom 800 number, using advanced routing and call tracking. The marketing department knows that they have to bolster incoming call volume and use call data to validate media plans and allocate ad budgets more efficiently.


Regional dealers began using 1-800-NEW-COOL in November 2006, with tracking, recording, and advanced routing to approximately 60 dealers.


The marketing specialist for the HVAC manufacturer was interested in using a Custom 800 number for multiple reasons. “I was looking for a measurement tool that would identify the most effective media outlets, which would also drive more leads to the dealers.”

He knew he found the perfect solution when his agency presented him with a Custom 800 number. “We use 1-800-NEW-COOL in all of our ads so we touch people multiple times with our brand. Customers will remember our number when they need our services.”

Not only is the Custom 800 number proving to be a lead generation tool, but it is also serving the need for analyzing the company’s media plans, and identifying their most effective advertising channels in the region. “By monitoring where our leads come from, and tracking them back to specific media buys, I can allocate our advertising dollars more efficiently, focusing on the outlets that generate the highestquality leads for our dealers,” says the marketing specialist.

With the extensive call tracking and recording services that come with 1-800-NEW-COOL, the individual HVAC dealers can also monitor the performance of their own business’ call handling and customer service operations. “The dealers are taking these findings to heart, and applying corrective actions to improve their overall business performance.”

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