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Child Care/Early Education Provider with 60 Locations Finds a Smart Advertising Tool to Get and Track Leads

Client Profile:

The academy is a leading provider of child care and early education with 60 locations and 20 years of experience. The company employs over 1,200 people, and serves over 7,000 children each day in multiple cities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.


The academy was using a numeric toll-free phone number in their advertising campaigns and print marketing materials, but they did not have access to any detailed information on their incoming calls. This left a serious gap, as they could not gauge campaign performance, or which delivery medium was most successful in reaching their audience.


The marketing manager, contacted 800response to activate 1-800-NEW-START with online call tracking analytics and caller demographics. The academy uses the information to monitor advertising and media performance, and validate program interest.


This early education academy creates, executes and analyzes their advertising and marketing strategies in-house. The marketing department relies on incoming phone calls to 1-800-NEW-START to generate leads, and for data to analyze their advertising campaigns. Using the analytics captured on calls to the vanity 800 number, the academy can segment and measure call traffic by location and where they have campaigns running. The marketing department leverages this data when making decisions about the company’s advertising strategy and tactics.

The marketing manager gives an example, “We ran a direct mail campaign in our Philadelphia market with 1-800-NEW-START number using the call-to-action, ‘sign-up for our Head Start program’. The call reports allowed us to measure call traffic and response. We validated lead inquires with the call tracking data 800response provided. ” Similarly, the academy uses bus wraps as moving billboards in the Philadelphia market, and uses the tracking data to measure response.

According to her, “We use the caller address and demographic profile data to validate callers, enrollment inquiries, and identify the programs they are calling about. Using the caller data, we have proven that 98% of the calls that come in to 1-800-NEW-START are valid, meaning they are in fact interested in our programs and calling for more information and to enroll.” This means that the academy must be communicating their message effectively, reaching the right audience with the right message.

When the marketing manager set out to research toll-free and call tracking service providers, she contacted 800response, and several other tracking companies. “800response has been great to work with. Our account manager is very responsive. We activated our account quickly, and she gets back to me the same day I call with any questions. And, the attention and care we receive from our customer service rep is consistently helpful and timely. Other providers were not nearly as responsive or helpful.”

In the coming years, she plans to grow the company’s advertising strategy, and will use 1-800-NEW-START and the call tracking data to segment and retarget campaigns to continue measuring response rates and improving their return on advertising investments.

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