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Vanity 800 Number Turns Incoming Calls to Captured Leads for Career College


Vice President – CA

Background / Challenge:

A career college with five campuses has helped shape the careers of thousands of healthcare and business professionals, with 35,000 graduates since 1966. The school was struggling with how to improve the quality of their training procedures for Admission Reps to handle calls more effectively in order to increase lead generation.


Use 1-800-NEW-CAREER as direct-response mechanism in all advertising to track incoming calls, and activate the Custom 800 number with Call Recording to improve quality of customer service given by Admission Reps.


“Activating 1-800-NEW-CAREER was the best move we could have made,” says the Vice President of the college. “We have seen a definite increase in call volume and a huge improvement in the quality of service our Admission Reps are able to give to potential students.”

The school was able to use the real-time online tracking, routing and recording services from 800response to see where the incoming traffic was coming from. And, with Call Recording they are able to listen to calls and give feedback to their Admission Representatives for immediate improvement in how incoming calls should be handled.

The VP says, “Call Recording has been a huge eye-opener in how to train and improve our Admission Reps. We now listen to calls on an hourly basis to hear how they are being handled. We make CD’s of the calls for our Admission Reps and they are able to re-play their conversations with callers and learn how to improve the handling of calls to increase lead capture.”

He is very happy with the results he has seen in call volume and quality since activating 1-800-NEW-CAREER. “We use the vanity number in all of our advertising, including print and yellow pages ads, all direct marketing materials, and on the internet. We drive all incoming calls to 1-800-NEW-CAREER so we can continue to record and monitor the quality of service our Admission Reps deliver to our callers.”

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