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Remodeling Franchise Uses Custom 800 Numbers to Manage and Track Ads


Marketing Consultant for the Franchise – East Coast

Background / Challenge:

The company needs to identify response rates and lead generation of multiple media channels in a large geographical territory and metro market. The business ventured into using Custom 800 numbers in 2000 by activating 1-800-NEW-ROOM and using it in advertising. The number reinforces the brand and services of the remodeling company. It was so successful in generating leads the company also activated 1-800-NEW-BASEMENT and 1-800-GET-WINDOWS.


Employ several Custom 800 numbers to track advertising campaigns and call detail.


“When someone calls into our location they do not always remember where they heard about us – whether on the radio, reading the paper, or watching TV. Everyone who answers the phone is trained to ask for that detail, but it is not guaranteed to be accurate from the caller,” says the Marketing Consultant for the business. This is where call tracking reports become invaluable.

He goes on to say, “By activating multiple vanity 800 numbers we are able to use each one in a different media format. We can track specific outlets that generate the most leads. We have the ability to track the source of our callers and how effectively our advertising campaign is at elevating awareness in our market.”

The remodeling business also tracks the time of day and day of week that are the busiest in terms of incoming calls. “We use the call detail information to schedule our staff according to our peak call times, to ensure that we are not missing any incoming leads,” he says.

“I recommend using vanity 800 numbers to any business using different means of advertising in order to track, but also to businesses who want to brand themselves with their product – a number like 1-800-NEW-ROOM does that for us,” says the consultant.

Given the success they’ve seen with their current vanity 800 numbers, the remodeling company has activated several others to feature in advertising as they launch new services in the future.

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