Vanity 800 Numbers for Healthcare Businesses and Providers

Trillions of dollars flow into the healthcare industry every year. Are you worried you’re not doing enough to make sure you get your piece of this tremendous pie? Many healthcare entities, including health clinics, hospitals, health clubs and health insurance brokers, are concerned they are losing clients to the competition. Among other ways to set themselves apart, they are investing in vanity 800 numbers. These unique and unforgettable numbers allow healthcare businesses to inch ahead of the pack, setting themselves up as leaders.

Why Vanity 800 Numbers Are Ideal for Healthcare

You’ve probably seen many 800 numbers that are easy to recall, such as our own customer service line: 1-800-NEW-SALE. Vanity numbers are well-suited for healthcare organizations for several reasons:

  • They take zero effort to remember. If you pick a catchy 800 vanity number for your health club, health clinic or hospital, it will be simple to recall. This means your prospective customer has to spend less time looking up how to reach you.
  • They are a personalized way to connect with your target audience. For example, a health club that focuses primarily on yoga may want to have the word “yoga” in its vanity number. This helps people who hear about the club instantly understand what they’ll get when they call in for more information or to join a class.
  • They are trackable. From a marketing perspective, 800 vanity numbers are golden because they can be tracked. When you work with, you’ll be able to take advantage of our powerful tracking software. You’ll discover stats and facts about your prospects and customers you never knew. Find out what you’ve been missing, and turn missed calls into chances to increase your business.
  • They sound professional. A vanity number just sounds much more professional than a typical local number. Plus, it’s a free call for your customers. That still means something to people, even if their phone plans allow them to call almost any American city without paying extra.
  • They can be added to any marketing or sales paraphernalia. From billboards to radio spots to wrapped vehicles, your vanity 800 numbers are able to showcase your business in a way that nothing else can. Remember to use them everywhere, including on business cards.

Need More Than One Vanity Number? No Problem!

For some healthcare industry businesses, there’s not one overarching word that would fit their entire entity. If that’s the case with your healthcare organization, why not consider getting two or more vanity numbers? You can have as many as you feel you need, such as one for every major department. This will enable you to get the power of an 800 vanity number without compromising between verticals that provide vastly different services.

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You know you want to get a vanity number, but where do you begin? We’ve made it easy for you to get started by offering an instant 800 vanity number directory look-up. Simply give us at least one keyword, and we’ll show you the 800 numbers you can choose from in your area. Remember to make your keywords as broad-based as you can. This will give you better results and appeal to a bigger audience segment.

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This is the most incredible service ever. And it’s so easy. One time I sent a fax to some companies listed in the Yellow Pages – totally cold prospects – saying I had 1-800-NEW-VISION and 200,000 listeners. By the time I got back to my desk, the phone was ringing. 800response is a beautiful thing.

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