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Lead Generation for Healthcare Organizations

Trillions of dollars flow into the healthcare industry every year. We help generate leads & profits for hospitals, health clinics, health clubs, and health insurance brokers.

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Connecting Patients and Providers

The healthcare industry is more crucial now than ever. 800response’s call tracking and analytics solution offers an effective and efficient way for patients to reach their providers, while ensuring they receive consistently professional and courteous service.

Help Patients Reach Your Healthcare Facility

800response’s call tracking suite includes advanced call routing to guarantee that each caller reaches the right facility and department without hassle, every time. And you’ll never miss an important call from a patient with Missed Call Monitor alerts. Get custom notifications for any unanswered calls so that you have an opportunity to promptly return calls and provide the necessary assistance.

Obtain a Better Understanding of Your Patients

No matter what kind of healthcare services you offer, you can make sure that you’re reaching the right audience with Consumer Profiles from 800response. You get 13 customer data points on each inbound caller, including age range, gender, presence of children, and more. This information can be used to formulate marketing strategies that better target your desired demographics.

Give Patients the Best Experience Possible

Patients in need of care are usually scared and under stress, especially during times of crisis. They are looking for empathy and understanding. Interaction analytics from 800response can help you closely monitor your phone conversations with patients to ensure all situations are handled with kindness and competence. Create training opportunities using call transcriptions with sentiment analysis, and guarantee that your employees provide a positive experience for all patients.

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