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Insurance Companies Benefit From 800response

Every individual needs insurance in America, from personal health, life and auto insurance, to business insurance for companies. Some people are even investing in pet insurance to protect their furry friends. This makes the insurance industry particularly competitive, with insurers fiercely trying to woo clients using a variety of pitches. If you’re in the insurance marketplace, you’ll want to consider adding vanity 800 numbers to your “must-have” advertising and marketing tools.

How 800 Numbers Work for Insurance Companies

Vanity 800 numbers are phone numbers that translate into words or very short phrases on the phone keypad. The 1-800-NEW-SALE number we use at 800response is a prime example. Vanity numbers have several key benefits, all of which make them perfectly suited for all types of insurance companies:

  • They are very easy to remember. In fact, 800 numbers that translate to words are much easier to recall than even local numbers – 25% easier. This makes it simple for people to pick up the phone and call without having to look up a phone number first. Add your 800 vanity number to all advertising, radio jingles and TV spots for increased visibility, and you’ll start receiving more inbound phone leads.
  • They look professional. Having a vanity number makes your insurance company seem more professional than others that simply use a numeric phone number.
  • They are trackable. At 800response, we use special software that we share with all our customers. When you get your 800 vanity number through us, you’ll have access to tracking platforms. These platforms help you discover insights about your incoming phone calls so you can increase your profitability through improved sales.
  • They are routable. All 800response vanity numbers can be routed per your business needs and specifications. This assists you in reducing the risks associated with people getting frustrated by inept call routing.
  • They can be shared geographically, making them economical. One of our philosophies is that you shouldn’t have to pay too much to get an 800 vanity number for your insurance company. We own 800 vanity numbers that you can use in a defined geographic territory. By sharing the number with other clients in other territories, you get a budget-friendly way to get all the advantages of vanity numbers.

Are you ready to improve your insurance company’s sales through a proven marketing method? Seek out the right vanity 800 number for your business today by conducting a search using our online directory.

How to Pick the Right 800 Vanity Number for Insurance Companies

Start the process of getting a vanity 800 number for your auto, health, life, pet or other insurance company by inputting a keyword or two into the search box on our vanity number finder page. Make sure the keyword or keywords are a good representation of what your insurance company offers, such as “life insurance” or “business insurance.” You can then select from the available choices that pop up after performing your search.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try other keywords. There are tons of possible vanity numbers for your company.

Want more help? Contact our team at 1-800-NEW-SALE for feedback and advice. We’re always happy to share our more than 20 years of vanity number experience to help customers achieve their goals!