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Impressive Vanity Number Availability for the Retail & Services Industries

Retail is a booming American industry, which makes it highly competitive. Every retail business or boutique is vying for customers, so every marketing approach counts. If your retail business is still using a randomly generated telephone number, it’s time to consider improving your sales through a vanity 800 number.

At 800response, we have more than 25 years of experience helping stores in the retail industry find the right 800 vanity numbers for their needs. Let us show you how a vanity number can increase your visibility and memorability among shoppers.

Advantages to Having an 800 Vanity Number for Retail

When you have an 800 vanity number, you can instantly gain all the benefits that come with having a unique way for people to get in touch with you. Vanity numbers are:

  • Easier to remember – A vanity number like 1-800-NEW-SALE is simply easier for people to recall than a number that means nothing. By attaching your retail business place to a vanity number, you’re making it more efficient for people to contact you without having to look up your information.
  • Professional – When you have a vanity 800 number for your fashion boutique, clothing shop, or other retail business, you sound more professional than other retailers without vanity numbers. This type of perceived leadership will set your establishment apart from others.
  • Cost-Effective – At 800response, we allow you to share 800 vanity numbers with retail businesses out of your geographic territory. When someone calls the vanity number within your geographic area, we instantly route them to your retail business. The caller never knows they are being routed, and you get to save money on your vanity number.
  • Proven – Statistics show that vanity numbers can help companies, including retail businesses, significantly improve their sales. It only makes sense: The simpler it is to get in contact with you, the better your odds of making a sale.
  • Trackable – Every 800 vanity number you get through 800response can be tracked. This feature enables you to easily see opportunities for growth, find out where your calls are coming from, and study other information related to your vanity number. You can even create detailed spreadsheets and reports using the data available on our robust software platform.

Take advantage of 800 vanity numbers for your retail business. Use our fast, reliable vanity 800 number search tool to find the best results for your company’s needs.

Advertise Your Retail Business or Boutique with an 800 Number

After you choose your 800 vanity number, you’ll want to make sure it’s being used for all marketing purposes, including:

  • On any media-related channels, such as radio, Internet and TV
  • On all your business cards and print advertising
  • On any Internet PPC campaigns
  • On all internal signage
  • On employee business cards
  • On your retail business vehicle wrap (if applicable)

Have some questions about the right vanity number for your retail business? Want to know more about 800response? Our knowledgeable team members are ready to help you. Just call us at 1-800-NEW-SALE for personalized service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We’ve definitely seen a spike in the number of calls that come in as a direct result of our radio spots. By prominently featuring the vanity 800 number in our ads, we have a much better indication that the number is working to drive calls to our stores.

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