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Vanity 800 Numbers for Wireless Telecommunication Companies

Is your business part of the billion-dollar wireless telecom industry? Wireless telecommunication companies have the benefit of being needed in our Internet-based age, but they also have the disadvantage of being in a field that’s incredibly competitive. To make sure you rise to a leadership position, your wireless telecom company needs the right marketing tools. This includes having your own 800 vanity number dedicated to your wireless telecom business.

How a Vanity 800 Number Works

Vanity 800 numbers aren’t new; they’ve been used for decades by smart organizations that want to give their customers a fast, easy way to get in touch. Vanity numbers like the 800response sales line, 1-800-NEW-SALE, are suitable for a wide range of businesses, including providers of wireless telecom services. If you’ve struggled to find a way to get ahead in your marketplace, it’s time to partner with 800reponse.

Why the 800response Method Is Cost-Effective

At this point, it can be costly and difficult to purchase a vanity number that you intend to use on your own. That’s why so many wireless telecom companies turn to 800response. Our software allows you to share your vanity 800 number with other businesses that are outside of your service territory. Being able to pay for only a segment of the overall cost of an 800 vanity number is very budget-friendly.

How does it work when one of your prospects or customers calls in on your shared vanity number? We simply route the call to your phone lines. This happens instantly, without interrupting the flow of the call. The caller will reach your sales team who can then talk about your products and services.

Reasons to Get a Vanity 800 Number

The advantages to having your own vanity 800 number for your wireless telecommunications company include:

  • The number is easier to remember. People will be able to remember it without having to look it up. They can just pick up the phone and dial.
  • It makes your wireless telecom provider look more professional. Companies that have 800 vanity numbers are seen as experts because of the association between vanity numbers and proficiency.
  • They can be tracked. Our software allows you to drill down into your incoming calls. Find out where your callers are coming from and record sales calls to learn more about your processes. You can also generate data to make reports for meetings.
  • They make your marketing come to life. Whether you’re using your vanity number on billboards and mailers, or radio spots, you’re more likely to see an uptick in responses thanks to the vanity number’s uniqueness.

Ready to benefit from having an 800 vanity number for your wireless telecom provider operation? Use our search tool to find available vanity numbers perfect for companies in the wireless telecom services industry. If you have questions about which is the best for your goals, please feel free to contact our team at 1-800-NEW-SALE.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been privileged to help organizations improve their productivity and revenue streams with the assistance of vanity numbers. Allow us to help your wireless telecommunication company, too.