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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Customer Data

You probably have a lot of customer data at your fingertips. Great! But now what do you do with it? At 800response, we know the true value of customer data, especially when it comes from customer-agent interactions. That’s why we offer call monitoring and speech analytics tools through CallFinder.

Here are 3 of those tools and how they can turn customer data into successful business strategies.

1. Search Transcripts for Key Phrases

Let’s face it: Figuring out what customers want can be a challenge. Sometimes you get lucky and they tell you directly (even if it’s not always in the nicest way). And maybe a few will fill out a survey. But for the most part, it can be a bit of a guessing game. That’s why CallFinder offers searchable call transcriptions of all your recorded phone conversations.

You can quickly scan these transcripts for key phrases, such as product suggestions, competitor mentions, common customer questions, and more. You can then convert this raw data into actionable insights, such as developing products that more customers want to buy. Or you can outmaneuver the competition by offering better pricing. With searchable transcripts, you can discover exactly what your customers are looking for from your business.

2. Understand Your Customers with Sentiment Analysis

It’s not enough to simply know what happened during an interaction; you need to know how that interaction made a customer feel. What kind of impression did your business convey? CallFinder’s customer sentiment analysis tool can determine this by revealing the overall mood of phone conversations.

With sentiment analysis, you have the ability to search recorded conversation transcripts for negative and positive words and phrases. For instance, “That’s great,” and “You’ve been very helpful” indicate a positive customer experience. However, “I’m confused,” and “You’re not listening” signal a more negative experience.

These insights can be used to help make informed business decisions that truly reflect customers’ needs and wants. Sentiment analysis lets your customers know that you really do listen to them and that you’re invested in their satisfaction.

3. Teach Agents Nuanced Skills

Your contact center agents are on the front lines with customers every day. The way they handle problems, questions, and other concerns has a huge impact on the customer experience. So it’s crucial that agents have the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to ensure that each interaction is a success.

Silence & Overtalk detection from CallFinder pinpoints areas in which agents may need extra training. Too much silence in a conversation suggests an agent may not have enough knowledge to assist the customer effectively and efficiently.

However, too much overtalk could indicate that an agent needs to work on soft skills, such as effective listening. Identifying agent knowledge gaps can help you create training opportunities that will benefit both your agents and your customers.

Final Thoughts

Customer data is great to have, but it’s only truly effective when you actually put it to use. 800response’s interaction analytics tools allow you to apply that data in a variety of ways to improve agent performance, the customer experience, and so much more. Discover all the ways they can benefit your business. Schedule a quick demo with us!

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